at one point today i had three different computers running simultaneously (2 pc's and a mac) in my room as i juggled between projects. today wasn't as stressful as yesterday, but it still left me drained. for lunch i made some japanese ramen noodles mixed with korean kimchee and chinese zsatsai. i ate quickly in the living room while watching some news before returning to work. the soundtrack for the day involved heavy rotations of kylie minogue and olivia newton john. once again the weather outside wasn't anything to write home about, grey overcast mixed with the occasional rain. my father dropped by briefly with a milk delivery; i let him sample my moonshine root & ginger beer.

it's also my second day tackling mount flabby gut. who knew that working out my abs can be so painful? i must really be in need of exercise in my neglected midsection. it's probably just the placebo effect, but i feel like i can already see results (i wasted a few minutes preening in front of a full-length mirror, like the narcissist that i am). what will happen exactly once i achieve the perfect abs though? besides a heavy investment in half shirts? only time will tell my friends, only time will tell.

in the late afternoon, dana came over with another hardware delivery, a touch screen lcd (still in the box) and a webcam. one of the perks of my job is i sometimes get to play around with fancy gadgets. i finally stopped working around 6pm. there was a bonobos lecture at harvard but i didn't feel like going (all lectured out for the week after yesterday's edible wild mushroom talk).

in the evening julie came over for dinner. she made egg drop soup while i prepared some chinese dumplings. for dessert we had some "curse reversed" ice cream. later we watched the ALCS game between the angels and the white sox. with both the red sox and the yankees out of the picture, we could finally enjoy baseball for the sake of baseball, sans bitter rivalry. this must be how the rest of the country watch their baseball. i was personally rooting for the angels, only because they seemed like the underdog. the angels would eventually win the game.

sometime in the evening i had to rush into the bathroom, a repeat of last week's post-dinner digestive malfunction. nobody else experienced the same symptoms, and it could've been due to all that ginger beer i'd been drinking (maybe yeast doesn't agree with me), or the over-ripened oranges i ate before dinner. during the game, julie and i also had a lively discussion about the possibility of doing a cross-country trip, and the kind of places one should visit. top on my list are: mount rushmore (south dakota), redwood forest, grand canyon, yellowstone national park, las vegas, monterey bay aquarium, san francisco, graceland, st.louis, dollywood (pigeon forge, tennessee), and washington dc. to save money, i'd camp out instead of sleeping in a motel. we both agreed that in order to do it right, you really need to go for at least a month, do both the northern and southern route, and down the west coast.

and you know i wouldn't mention it unless it was really awesome, but check out this song about pi. let's all sing it together!