i never write down appointments. i don't have a day planner and my calendar is often left on the previous month. i used to have a pda (a visor) back in the days when everyone had one, but after i lost power one time (and all my data along with it) i've lost faith in the pda. i'm not the kind of guy who has a list of things to do on a schedule. when i do have appointments i just try to remember them all in my head. on the rare occasion when i do need to write something down, it's usually on the back of a receipt or an used envelope. despite all that, the irony is i keep meticulous details of my everyday life through these here daily weblog entries.

nothing too exciting happened today. i started the morning with some code work; one of the clients had given me some instructions over the weekend so i've already been thinking about it a little bit. i watched the hurricane katrina coverage while coding. around noontime i took a break to ride down to the post office to mail some bills (most importantly a mortgage payment that has to get there before september) and to pick up a chinese newspaper for my great uncle. i delivered it to the cafe then came back home. i worked into the late afternoon before calling it quits.

i thought about going down to kendall cinema to grab a matinee, but decided to go running instead. hot, humid, and overcasted, it started to rain by the time i was coming around the river. it was a painful and difficult run but i felt good afterwards. there must be something in the air that i'm allergic to because my eyes started itching and i sneezed a few times. these symptoms have been going on for a few weeks, along with an itchy throat. i think this happened last year as well (end of the summer), i'm not quite sure what i'm allergic to. a quick check online says right now is peak ragweed season, so maybe that. all i know is my eyes are so itchy i want to rub them until they bleed but i'm so afraid of getting pinkeye that i leave them well alone.

i spent the rest of the afternoon watching kung fu hustle on VCD. my cousin eric in taipei bought it for his tour group when he went to italy but he never got a chance to play it on their bus so he brought it back and gave it to me. i've had it since june but it was at my parents' place. this version has no english subtitles and it's dubbed in mandarin (i rather hear the original cantonese, although it'd mean i wouldn't be able to understand the movie). the movie has its moments and it's definitely full of eyecatching camera work and special effects. these hong kong action movies are made to appeal to the lowest common denominator and should be just enjoyed at its face-value, not to read too much into it.

i had ramen for dinner during the red sox rain delay. i also fixed myself a brown cow (coffee ice cream mixed with root beer). the rain was falling heavy enough that i moved my bike to higher grounds (changed into my running clothes which were already wet from my run). once the game resumed back in fenway park, the red sox ending up winning against the devil rays.