after consulting with several cookbooks i finally found the recipes i wanted to make for tonight. i went out to buy the ingredients then hurried back home. in the afternoon i went over to anne's house to help her with some mac questions. i was more than happy to do it for free but she paid me anyway. which is good, because when i came back home i found a bill from the new england medical center. apparently my insurance only covered my visit to the travel clinic and not the actual vaccinations, so i owe the hospital over $200. i'll need to get in touch with my insurance to figure out what exactly are the terms of my coverage.

eliza was supposed to come over tonight for dinner and then we'd go see the aristocrats down at kendall cinema. we invited jerica as well, who needed some cheering up after her landlord cancelled her house party this coming weekend. since they'd be arriving late, i started preparing dinner ahead of time: two beans salad, tortellini with mushroom sauce, assorted berries fruit elixirs, and cantaloupes.

they came separately, jerica being the first to arrive in her pink barbie mobile. she had a present for me, a retro invisible ink quiz & game book, "for ages 15-115," and "hours of hours of 'by-yourself-enjoyment'". eliza came later via bicycle and asked if she could put her ride inside the house (this ain't no JP! i've left my bike in my cambridge backyard for weeks and all that'd happened to it was it got rusty). i gave each of them a present, a handmade bracelet i picked up in luang prabang, laos.

we had dinner at the table. the experience was slightly marred by small annoying fruit flies curious to know what we were eating. we listened to mike's FM (93.7) on the radio, occasionally pausing for a moment of silence to name that 80's tune. i didn't realize eliza doesn't like mushrooms (along with bananas and avocados), as she played around with all the mushroom bits left on her plate. both eliza and jerica tried the leechees (they've never had it from a can before), which they agreed looked like eyeballs. originally we wanted to make the 9:20 showing but stayed too late, so we ended up going to the 10:10 showing (last one of the evening).

the aristrocrats is about a bunch of comedians all telling the same classic dirty joke. my favorites were mario cantone, andy dick, taylor negron ("the tragedy of january 3rd"), bob saget (the "full house" daddy is one filthy comic), and sarah silverman (who's always just a step away from telling the "aristocrats" joke anyway). the premise of the film is simple and it delivers the goods with 89 minutes of yuck yucks. for anyone who loves to hear a dirty joke, this is the movie to see.

after the movie jerica gave me a ride back to my place while eliza retrieved her bicycle and put it into the back of the barbie mobile.