with the client reviewing the code today, i knew at least i'd have this day off to go out and do what i love best which is naturing. i first went to my parents' cafe to pick up my book ("the world's most dangerous places") and get some lunch, before heading out to ponkapoag bog in canton. it was my first time motorcycling there (route 28 to 138 south) and i arrived without any problems. i was glad to see there was nobody parked outside which meant i'd have the whole bog to myself (which is why i only go on weekdays). i haven't been back since last winter, when the place was covered up in a layer of ice, and i've never been there during the summer, so i was hoping to see something new.

the fragrance of pepper bushes filled the air as i walked down the boardwalk, shoulder to shoulder with low-lying branches. renata called me back while i was balancing on a wooden plank, and i tasted some blueberries for her knowing how much she'd worried that i've been foraging again. i've been to ponkapoag several times before, so i knew where to look to find the pitcher plants. i was dismayed to see some old favorites had died yet at the same time happy to see new ones sprouting about.

at the first clearing i crounched down on all fours to take photos of some newly discovered sundews. i was surprised to hear voices and looked up to see a couple with a dog coming down the narrow boardwalk. i got up to talk to them about the bog, they asked where they could find pitcher plants. the woman seemed impressed and asked if i was a biologist of some kind. "oh no, i'm just a programmer," i answered, "this is just my hobby that takes me out of the office." i was horrified when their dog jumped off the boardwalk and into the bog, the couple seemingly oblivious to the fact that their pet was trampling on delicate sundew plants. i let them pass me as they made their way further into the bog, and crounched back down again to take more photos.

soon afterwards i realized that sundews were everywhere. last fall and winter when i came down i only saw them at a very specific point along the boardwalk, but this summer season they seemed to be flourishing. i learned my lesson from last year and refrained from taking any specimens despite their abundance.

a while later i saw the couple and their dog coming back. they had gone to the end of the boardwalk, but decided not to go to the very end because there was a sinking plank (which i warned them about). when i reached the spot that they were just at, i thought about taking off my shoes to get across, but ended up just running across the plank fast enough before it completely went underwater. it's a tradition, but everytime i visit ponkapoag bog i like to take a photo from the exact same spot at the end of the boardwalk.

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i made my way back out of the bog and walked to my motorcycle. i left right about peak rush hour (5pm), but the traffic wasn't bad. once again i was traveling through parts of boston i rarely see. there's a whole new world in mattapan and dorchester that i'd like to explore, a few restaurants i'd like to try out. maybe on my next "day off" i'll come out here for lunch.

julie came over in the evening with plans on making some pita bread pizza and some chimichangas. chimichangas were actually more of a joke, when she called me in the bog i blurted out chimichangas because i liked the sound of the name, not even really sure what kind of food it was. julie did some research and found a recipe and we made that tonight. chimichangas are essentially glorified baked burritos. the ones we made were big enough that we decided to forgo the pizza. the chimichangas were good (the crispy skin is my favorite) but julie made them super spicy and i was literally in tears. after i was done with dinner, i could still feel the heat inside my stomach.

julie also gave me some extensive instructions on how to water her garden plants next week when she's away at some AMC outing. she even left a canvas bag (a rather girly bag) which she said i must use when i harvest her tomatoes.

steve miller band - "abracadabra"