i woke up early this morning to watch the space shuttle landing on tv, but once again it was delayed due to bad weather, and instead of touching down in florida the final destination would be california. i gave up on seeing the historical moment and went back to bed.

another day of home office programming in my non-air-conditioned bedroom, literally a coding sweat shop. to beat the heat i took a shower whenever i could and drank plenty of water. i worked on both mac and pc, toggling back and forth with the kvm switch on the floor. lunch was more leftover lasagna from yesterday. like yesterday, sometime in the afternoon my internet service became intermittent. is this some cheap way comcast is gouging customers by decreasing the bandwidth? i actually called them yesterday to book an appointment for a repairman to pay me a visit, but i cancelled once my internet was back up a few hours later. let me go on record and say that if there's a way for me to steal high speed internet, i would. for the price i pay comcast, i'd expect better service.

i took a break briefly to go out and buy a birthday card. as much as i sometimes love being a hermit, i also love going out and seeing people. working from home can get pretty lonely and i occasionally find myself starved for social interaction. once i get a replacement battery for this ibook, i'd love to go out into the field and do an entry, taking photos of stangers, making comments about them and posting them online. i don't know why but that has some appeal for me.

by evening time i invited my mother to come over and help me finish the lasagna. she in turn invited my sister and aunt. since there were only 3 bricks of lasagna, i let them have it all. as for me, i wasn't very hungry (that lunchtime lasagna was pretty filling), and my dinner consisted of a bag of gummy worms, a devil dog cake, a can of root beer, and some chocolate ice cream. please don't look to me as a role model for proper nutrition. when they left, my sister also took a lot of food she left here during the 3 months i was away, food that'd been sitting in the cupboards and the fridge, food i would never eat.

ah, red sox! a game against the texas rangers that seemed an assured victory at 7-2 suddenly became tied behind our ineffective reserve pitching staff. despite the game swinging uncontrollably into a loss, edgar renteria, the player one could argue who was responsible for getting us into this mess in the first place, managed to score a run in extra inning for the final red sox win, redeeming himself. i'll be the first to say that i'd rather have orlando cabrera playing SS than renteria; renteria lacks intensity, and he has the most errors of any players in the AL. in a perfect world though, nomar would still be SS, old school nomar, before he injured his groin and disappeared off the face of baseball earth. the good news is if the playoffs happened today, the spankees wouldn't even get the wild card spot! it's the start of a new red sox era! although i could be speaking too soon.