i left cat rock park in weston with an unsatisfied feeling. the name was definitely intriguing, but the place was ruined by dog owners using it as a spacious dog park (there numbers even more because of the weekend), unleashed dogs running through the streams trampling on plants, dog shit littering the whole place despite what the sign says. if somehow i could overlook all the dogs, there was also the abundance of poison ivy growing everywhere. and besides the poison ivy, i walked through fields of tall grass, home of the ticks. there was very little "wildlife" besides the summer blooming flowers. some dragonflies darted around hobbs pond but none that would land. some bluejays were mobbing something unseen in a tree. there were a lot of milkweed plants, but they looked new, like maybe somebody had mowed the field recently; that being the case, i couldn't see any signs of monarch activities. i found some long-jawed orb weavers near a bridge spanning a small waterfall. that, along with some unknown orange berries (which i was tempted to try, but decided to play it safe), were the only two interesting things.

this morning i went with my parents to yangtze river, for a sunday brunch of dim sum buffet. my godmother's son jack works there, and we were also meeting my godmother, my godmother's other son alex, and a few other people. it'd been a while since i had dim sum, but my favorite place is still china pearl in chinatown. a long time ago i used to go there every weekend, but i haven't been back since 2003. the two things i always get when i have dim sum are the chicken feet and the tripe; those are the two dishes i use to gauge whether a dim sum place is good or not. based on the chicken feet and the tripe, yangtze river is okay, but for my money i'd still go with china pearl. my godmother hadn't seen me since i've been back and everyone commented on my new short hair look. my parents left early because they still had to go to work, so i went with them, getting a ride back to belmont where my motorcycle was parked. that's when, after looking over some maps, i decided to visit cat rock park.

after i was done naturing, i went back to belmont, where i had dinner with my parents. when i came back home to cambridge, i watched the 4400. the episode ends with maya saying, "not yet." hooked!