like a drifter i was born to walk alone in the halls of the boston public library (BPL), not realizing that the exhibition setup team was meeting at the afro-american history museum (AAHM) at the other side of town. i began to grow suspicious when 10am came and i saw nobody. i called tyler and realized my mistake. fortunately the printer was running late, so no one had left yet. i hopped back onto my motorcycle and cruised down to beacon hill, parking the bike on a sloping hill.

i met sarah (already waiting at AAHM) who got this gig through susan (sarah was an intern at susan's office) who in turn heard about it from dennis (both my neighbors, both on vacation in the appalachian mountains this week). the rest of the team arrived shortly, ali, tyler, and doug. i was sent on a special mission to buy t-pins from the nearest staples. with my mental map of downtown boston i headed to the store near government center. i parked in the loading zone, and came out just in time to see a meter maid patrolling the street. we smiled at each other, adversaries. "almost!" she cried. "maybe next time!" i added, then sped away back to beacon hill.

today we got our hands on actually artifacts on loan from the BPL (to be put in glass cases): william lloyd garrison's coat and top hat (beaver fur?), along with actual copies of the abolitionist newspaper the liberator. we had to wear white gloves to handle these relics, and were surprised there wasn't a curator in attendance to make sure we didn't damage any historical items.

when lunch time rolled around, doug gave me some money for sarah and i to go out and bring back food for everyone. lacking any sort of epicurean imagination, we returned to that lebanese restaurant the team had ate on sunday afternoon. i wasn't going to get kibby again (glorified, bland lebanese meatloaf), went with the lamb schwarma lunch special. sarah and i chatted while waiting for our takeout. i found out she's a tennis player, and revealed my self-consciousness over cutting my hair (she said it looked good, but she never saw how hot i was with hair).

despite the fact that the printer was supposed to be done with our panels since yesterday, they didn't actually arrive until this afternoon. doug supervised the marathon placement of assets, both 2nd and 3rd floor, before he had to run for a MIT meeting. by then it was close to 4pm, so the team disbanded, agreeing to meet tomorrow at the BPL. riding back along memorial drive (the long way home, by MIT), i saw doug walking on the sidewalk and shouted his name but he didn't hear me.

today was hot and humid, and i was thankful to be in an air-conditioned room for most of the day. when i came back home, after i showered, i didn't move much, so i wasn't very hot. right before julie was to arrive though, i did some vacuuming, which caused me to break into a sweat, which in turn made me turn on the air-conditioner.

julie made pita bread pizza tonight, along with pasta blended with homemade basil pesto. the pasta could've used some bits of saltiness, like some kind of italian bacon, but the pita bread pizza was very good, all the trappings of gourmet italian pies (it didn't even use tomato sauce, what a revolutionary idea!).

we ate while watching the red sox game, the score 0-4, the kansas city royals spanking the hometown team behind wakefield's knuckleball pitching. manny "being manny" brought the game to within a run when he jacked a 3-run homer. slowly but surely the red sox came back to tie then got the lead. when gabe kapler came to bat, julie said he looked like he was on steroids, which i don't believe; gabe kapler is all natural, as he smashed into the opposing-team's catcher while trying to score. during a commercial break julie also told me how hot her cat was because of the weather, and i suggested she build her kitty an ice bed to beat the heat. she didn't think it would work; i just couldn't believe someone would be so cruel to animals as to not furnish her feline friend with a chilly cot to keep her from melting. julie showed me her new wallet, a DIY paul frank affair, patched together with the monkey insignia of her old wallet combined with a generic number purchased from target. during another commercial break, while showing me all the new scars and bruises she acquired from this past weekend, i told julie she should add an injury update to her burgeoning blog. after viewing a repeat of SVU (new to us though, julie revealed her love for ice-t), julie made her exit.