last night's weather report said it'd thunderstorm today around 4pm. i headed out to norwood with that info in mind (the temperature was already a muggy 84 degrees this morning), and left an hour before the supposed rain was about to get here, monitoring the long swath of clouds on an animated weather.com radar loop coming up the eastern coast.

the bug that could not be solved from yesterday was finally cracked: when you toggle the stage from original to full screen within a floating projector, you have to switch the titlebar invisible via lingo (and switch it back) otherwise there'll be a gap at the bottom of the expanded screen. if that didn't make any sense, don't worry, but for those who speak lingo, it's one of those undocumented things you just have to find out the hard way. i also discovered that the kind of compression on the movies was causing the audio to disappear, which is good news for me, means my code wasn't responsible.

since i got to the office late, it didn't feel right for me to get a free lunch, so i worked through it. when i got back to cambridge, i went to my parents' cafe to get some food. my mother, who hasn't seen me in over a week, was horrified by how tanned i was. when i went home i took a hot shower and cranked up the air conditioning, figuring i'd enjoy the rest of the day bathed in cool serenity. that's when the electricity in my part of town went out. no television, no internet, and certainly no AC. i relaxed. i laid down. i fell asleep.

i woke up sweaty on the couch, with the electricity back on. i watched the red sox game (they won despite manny opting not to play today, said it was his day off) then several intense episodes of SVU. i had a late dinner, returning to the welcoming arms of ramen.

that thunderstorm never did arrive.