is it friday yet? because it sure feels like it. maybe it's due to the fact that i'm leaving tomorrow morning, heading up to the acadia national park in maine for a weekend of naturing.

i had a near anxiety attack at 7am this the morning. for some reason i was trying to figure out how much i should be charging in order to make enough money to pay the bills, but that early in the morning my math isn't so good and i calculated wrong and realized (incorrectly) that i had to charge the clients 4x as much as i'm charging now just to squeak by. finally my brain cleared up a bit and i was able to figure out my arithmetic error. i turned on the tv in my bedroom just for kicks, and got sucked into watching a documentary on the history channel about the story of steel. really cool, i learned a lot, but by 8am i decided to go back to sleep. an hour later i snapped awake again after hearing somebody saying something on a loudspeaker outside about the water main. i was afraid my motorcycle was getting towed again so i jumped out of bed and rain to the window to check. everything was fine, the fire department was just going around the block test leaking the hydrants, which might result in some temporary water loss. i tried to go back to sleep but it was no use. all that morning excitement kept me awake.

i went to the bank today to deposit some checks. now that bankboston is bank of america, one of the new rules (or lack thereof) is i no longer have to write anything on the deposit envelope (although i did write on my hand, to find the total amount for the checks). when i got the receipt i was dismayed to see how little i have in the bank, even after the money i just added. next i went to cvs to pick up some travel snacks: i have a tradition of eating sunflower seeds during long car rides.

i came home and got word from client P and rode down to cambridgeport to pick up some CD's. they also showed me the fancy color printer/copier/scanner they just got and some virtual 3D setups. the rest of the day i spent waiting to hear from norwood, to see whether or not i had to go down and work today (i never heard back, i'm assuming all was well). i past the time washing a few more windows and watering the plants. when late afternoon rolled around, i left the house again and walked to harvard square to see if i can find any acadia guide books. they had nothing at the harvard coop, and only a $10 acadia map at EMS (i decided to pass). when i went to the globe bookstore, i was horrified to find that they went out of business! are there just no more bookstores left in harvard square anymore? what a sad day! even the harvard coop bookstore isn't the original one; they had to go into a partnership with barnes & noble. but i felt better after listening to a buxom coed give a guided tour to some visiting parents and children (standing near the controversial john harvard statue).

in the early evening i went with my father to costco to pick up some cafe supplies. when i came back i had some ramen for dinner and watched some SVU.

i'll be on weblog hiatus for the next few days while i'm out camping. coming back sunday night.