i had the rest of the leftover spaghetti & meatballs for lunch, then went out to buy some groceries. just the essentials: bags of potato chips, some white nectarines, and a pint of ice cream. it had rained a little bit but it was so hot that the landscape was steaming into an unbearable mugginess. i got back just in time to catch the red sox afternoon game, they finally managed to win one against the cleveland indians in fenway. the game was so much in the bag already that i fell asleep in the final few innings, waking up sweaty because i had the air conditioner off.

with the content of a whole bag of potato chips inside my stomach, i figured it was only right that i went out for a run to burn off the calories. the weather had cooled off considerably (i opened the windows), and the sky was dark enough that it looked like more rain would fall, which it did, although not the downpour i had hoped. i saw an oriole flash its characteristic orange and black colors over the charles river. i came back slick with sweat and jumped into the hot shower.

when evening rolled around i camped out in front of the tv for the 4 hours of SUV on the USA network. i called renata to see what she was up to and she just happened to be in town and came over to chat (a small portion in chinese, which scared me) until 11pm (which is late for her) before she left (i couldn't get her to stay). having not had dinner yet, i threw a french bread pizza in the toaster oven, and finished out the night with some ice cream.

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