by mojo i mean my motorcycle, and by cost i mean the cost ($70) of paying the tow truck guy to give back my ride and the wound-salting parking ticket ($20) i have to pay because i forgot it was street cleaning this morning. i woke up and heard something outside. when i peered through the venetian blinds, i saw a tow truck about to carry away my bike. quickly i rushed to stop him. "can i get my bike back?" i asked. "yeah, sure, $70," the guy said, as he started to lower the motorcycle. just last night i almost had a panic attack after looking over all my bills and figuring out how long (not long) i can sustain myself before i completely run out of money. and now here was this guy telling me that it's going to take $70 just for him to give back my bike. i didn't even think i had that much in cash, but then i remembered i had a $100 bill. i asked if he can give me change. "sure thing," he said. i looked down my street, half of it completely empty of cars. "you don't think i can get a discount, do you?" i asked, figured worth a shot. "you know, actually, i should be charging you more," the guy told me. after i drove my bike to the other side of the street, i got into the tow truck and the guy drove me to star market, where i was able to break my $100. like he was doing me a favor. i've never been mugged, but this must be sort of what it feels like. you know you're getting robbed and there's nothing you can do about it. i gave the tow truck guy $70. "get in, i'll give you a ride back, the least i can do for taking your money," he joked. i smiled weakly. i'm going to go on a limb and say that there's not a single honest tow truck guy out there. only the lowest of the lows work in that profession. $70 for a tow? that's criminal. on top of that, i also have to pay a parking ticket. can't the city of cambridge make money some other way? nothing like waking up to a big bowl of bullshit to really get the day started.

i had lunch in chinatown with james, we went to the apollo grille for some korean/japanese. he told me how tomorrow he was going to close on a town house. i gave him the burmese present i got for him and jaime, a ceramic wedding figurine that got crushed during shipping. it's the thought that counts, right? he went back to work, i came back to cambridge. i was approached by a couple of people asking for money, and never have i been more honest when i told them i didn't have any to give (and as a matter of fact, they should be giving me money).

in the afternoon i rode the motorcycle to belmont so i could wash it. the bike had been dirty since last fall but the weather got too cold so it went into storage unwashed. while my father was cleaning the camry, i was cleaning the motorcycle, even had time to give it a nice waxing. i went to get some gas then came back to cambridge.

i rolled some meatballs for dinner but put them in the freezer for another night while i had more leftover fried chicken. i think if i eat another piece of KFC i'm going to throw up. red sox beat the indians once again, on this first official day of summer. even when i went outside to toss out the trash there was still some daylight left (around 9:15).

oh yeah, one other thing: a squirrel attacked my jade plant that i left outside to get some sun. here's hoping that tomorrow's a better day.