as i had nothing planned for this day, i was able to sleep late, woke up at 10am to do some laundry, which is usually the custom before i leave any city/town. laundry was quick to dry thanks to the hot weather: a check of my thermometer read 115 degrees (45 degrees celsius). once it goes above 100, it's hard to tell the difference, to be quite honest. i went out to get lunch and to check e-mail, then back to the guesthouse before noon to take a nap. i woke up at 3PM hoping to see a few more wats that i missed, but before i even got into town, a scary-looking rain cloud rolled over the mountains. i saw lightning and i could see the wall of rain, and decided to go back to the guesthouse before i got drenched. the rain never did come, it must've just missed luang prabang. regardless, i took my second nap of the day, woke up at 6PM to visit xieng thong wat, where they took out one of the sacred buddhas so it could get a shower and the locals could collect the water for good luck. later, back into town to buy some souvenirs; with prices this cheap, once you start it's hard to stop, and i found myself bargaining for things i didn't have the money to pay for, just to see if i could maybe get them to reduce a silk scarf to 50 cents so i could buy it.

drying laundry

xieng thong buddha

xieng thong buddha (back)

devote worshippers

royal funeral chapel

latsavong street scene