today, on the first day of the khmer new year, is my last day in cambodia. i slept late and walked to town to get some breakfast and a little scrubbing brush to do my laundry. a lot of places were closed for the new year, but the market was still opened and the few restaurants catering to foreigners were opened as well. i went to the dead fish tower, where i had an egg omelette, a mango shake, and a thai ice tea, all within viewing distance of a crocodile pit. coming back, i asked about a khmer massage from one of several parlors - nobody spoke english, and the staff looked sketchy, so i didn't stay. besides, my breakfast was getting the better of me and i went back to the guesthouse to give my colon a workout, going into the bathroom to do some 'reading' every 20 minutes or so. it wasn't bad, but not a good day to be traveling. i did feel well enough to visit a land mine museum, didn't think i got enough reminders of cambodia's violent past. even though signs everywhere said it was safe, it was still kind of weird to be surrounded by all those deactivated land mines as well a few children with missing limbs hobbling around the museum (which is pretty much a shack by a dirt road). i returned once more to the guesthouse for more bathroom breaks (finally had to tap into that prescription strength immodium), and now i'm out again to find some dinner (did somebody say japanese cafe?) and to check e-mail.

market veggies

thai ice tea

crocodile farm

dentist sign

new year band

claymore mine