at times it seemed like we'd never get here, but we finally made it to siem reap, the town next to the angkor wat temples. the 6:30AM bus didn't leave until 9AM, and half of the seats were reserved for cambodians (funny, i thought it was a tourist bus), and we didn't leave phnom penh until every seat was filled. we'd periodically stop to let people (cambodians) off, until suddenly we came to a dusty outpost where a mob of moto drivers were almost rocking the bus, trying to pick up fares to take to one of the neighboring guesthouses. i already had a guy waiting for me (sunday guest house made arrangements with green guest house, their sister hotel in siem reap), who was holding a placard with my name on it, "MR.TONY." i got to the guest house, booked a room for US$10/night. since it was still early (afternoon), there was enough time for a driver to take me down and see a temple on my first day here in siem reap. after paying for a weekly pass at the checkpoint (US$60, including my photo), we drove by angkor wat. in the golden glow of the setting sun, it looked like a postcard. that wasn't where i was going to though: i went to nearby phnom bakheng instead, to see the sunset over the temples. apparently so did every single other tourist in town, and the hill was mobbed with people. any romantic notion of me slashing through the jungle exploring khmer temples were quickly dashed. i came back to the hotel, showered, then hid in my room watching tv with the AC on, until i got hungry enough to go outside and find food and do some internet stuff. unfortunately i left my USB cable back at the hotel, so i can't upload any photos tonight.

morning window (leaving phnom penh)

waiting for the siem reap bus

rice sticks

view from the bus

angkor wat cameo

phnom bakheng

waiting for sunset