it's my last day in phnom penh, the cambodian capital. of the cities i've visited so far in southeast asian, i like phnom penh the best. not the modern urban sprawl that is saigon, not the old world asia charm of hanoi. phnom penh is somewhere in the middle. you can just as easily find dusty unpaved streets as you can find a supermarket straight out of the most modern city. today was a free day, had nothing planned other than to buy souvenirs and wander around the city. that's another thing, phnom penh is small enough that you could walk it (although the intense afternoon heat might change your mind). i had a nice lunch in a restaurant called the chit chat cafe, where bubble ice tea was prominently advertised. i had the lavender (so good) and the mango (so so), then a bowl of pho that smelled great and looked great but tasted just okay. i'm going back there tonight after i finish writing. i came back to the guesthouse, rested, then hired a motorcycle driver to take me to a few markets, where i got some t-shirts and dvd's ("sin city" for US$2.50). i also dabbled in some more STREET FOOD, this time buying a barbecued spider and a bag of cooked beetles. crunchy, tasty, but i'll stick to potato chips.

i'm afraid i've been hitting the STREET FOOD awfully hard though (i've eaten something out of FEAR FACTORS every day since i've been in cambodia), my stomach is revolting, but everything is under control. nothing that prescription strength immodium can't solve when i take the 7 hour bus ride to angkor wat tomorrow.

khmer karaoke

lavender bubble ice tea

colorful bee

street gasoline

central market

insects for sale

chinese fruit seller