on my last day before i leave for asia, everything seemed to have a weightier importance. this is the last time you'll be waking up from this bed. this is the last time you be watching this show. this is the last time you'll be seeing the house. a day of ultimates. it's something i've become used to by now, how my parents will show up at my place a few times throughout the day, and today was no different.


more day!

my father came by in the morning, helped me move some stuff into the basement and clear out some trash. he gave me a ride to davis square, where i was meeting julie for lunch. julie and i decided to try the buffet at one of the indian restaurants. after we said good bye, i took the subway to harvard square, to get a new watch battery and to mail out my tax payments, before walking back home. i cleaned up my place some more before both my parents showed up to help me with my final round of packing and to haul everything back to belmont. throughout the day people were saying their good byes via e-mail or instant messaging or phone, and bruce even stopped by briefly. when evening arrived, my parents and i loaded up the car and we went to the cvs to pick up some last minute supplies and to the bank so i could cash a check. moving my stuff back to my parents' place was very nostalgic of my college experience, every year moving back home. my family and i had dinner, they helped me pack one more time, and after a bit of research to finalize some travel details (with the last episode of project runway in the background), everyone went to bed.

everyone but me. my flight is at 6:52 in the morning. my parents are waking up around 4:00, driving me to logan airport at 5:00. that's funny, because the past few weeks i've been staying up until 4:00, watching an hour of cheers reruns before going to bed. the way i figure it, if i stay awake and sleep on the plane, by the time i get to japan, i won't have any jet lag. to think, in about 24 hours i'll be in tokyo. i'll have the whole flight to reacquaint myself with nihongo. from that point there's no turning back, every week or so a new destination. sometimes in these quiet hours i often think to myself, why are you doing all this? i guess i'll find out when i return in june.