it's weird, but i don't feel like i'm going anywhere. it's kind of like the calm before the storm. for now, everything just seems very ordinary.

this morning my parents came over to help me move the boxes of clothes out of my house. while my mother went back to the cafe, my father drove me to the paint store to get some benjamin moore stem green paint.


more days!

next we went to the watertown target where i returned the calculator and got a few more things. i went to the mall to get some travel photos from one of those kiosks but it was temporarily out of service so i figured i'd just go home and roll my own visa photos with my digital camera and color printer. when we returned to belmont i helped him replace two broken headlight bulbs. my father dropped me off at harvard square (heavily populated with suburban kids on their winter vacation) where i took out some money from my bank account (2/3 in traveler checks) and bought another can of bug spray (permethrin, for clothes) and some potable water solutions at ems, before walking back home. i had more kielbasa for lunch before painting the window mirror frame. my mother came by again to help me organize my travel items, which is just a thinly veiled excuse to see me the last few days i'm in town before i disappear for 3 months. she ended up staying for dinner: i heated some french bread pizza in the toaster oven. manny dropped by with my belated birthday present, a tiny shortwave radio. after my mother left, i took a shower and watched tv in my underwear while doing a load of laundry.