this can't be right. i don't work for 2 months and then i go on a 3 month long vacation. what kind of life am i living anyway? i must be in some sort of bizarro world. eating barbecue with my family tonight, i got that twinge of sunday night depression, when you know your weekend is over and you have to go back to work monday morning.


more days!

but then i realized: oh my god, you don't have to work tomorrow, you can sleep late, and do whatever you want! and i felt guilty and weird. it just doesn't seem right. sooner or later i'm going to be paying for all this good living. in the meantime however, i should just enjoy it while it last, because it can't go on forever. friends have often marveled how i seem to really revel in unemployment life, that i milk it for all it's worth. that's true, but sometimes i even surprise myself, like i almost feel detached from my own life, observing it from a distance. all i can say is i'm going through a weird time right now, i'm about to go on a crazy adventure, and when i come back i will have changed. and no, i don't mean one of those transsexual gender reassignment changes you can get in bangkok.

today was a day of errands. i had so many things to do i actually had to write them all down (usually i just try to remember everything in my head). first to cvs to fill my HBP prescriptions. it still must've been early because i was off my game and crunched the bumper of my parents' toyota camry against the bumper of a parked SUV. i ran out of the car to inspect the damage: although there was no damage on the SUV, there was a foot long swath of body work damage on the front bumper of the camry. although the damage was only cosmetic, it's one of those things that will forever be a reminder of what a bad driver i am. i called up my mother afterwards to let her know how i've been taking care of their car. i drove by the paint store to pick up some green paint for my mirror frame but they were closed. i went to staples to buy some pens. at target i got some little things, like a digital thermometer and a little calculator. finally, i went to home depot to buy some painting supplies and two cans of bug spray (25% DEET).

i went to the cafe where my mother came back to the house with me to help me clean up some of my stuff, particularly my clothes that i'm going to be storing at my parents' place so my sister can move in her stuff. after work my father came by to pick us up (the headlights on the other car were broken so we couldn't drive it at night) and we went to blue ribbons BBQ in arlington to get some takeout to bring back to belmont for dinner. later, my mother gave me a haircut. after i made copies of some travel maps, i got a ride back to my place.