my left arm hurt so badly that i couldn't turn on that side to sleep. good thing is i sleep on my back anyway, so it wasn't a problem. i went down to central square in the early afternoon to look for a suitable travel journal. pearl had these 80 sheets hardcover sketchbooks which i ended up buying two. i went next door to the artist and craftsman supply store and discovered they carried the exact same thing except they had the 142 sheets ones. so i bought two of those and returned my pearl purchase. this will be my "analog" for the next 3 months, 284 pages, about 3 pages worth of content every night. since i wasn't in any hurry to get home, i walked back instead of taking the subway, cutting through harvard square. i worked on my taxes a little bit more, trying to milk some more deductions. in the early evening my parents dropped by, wanted to see if i had all my stuff ready. my mother gave me some more deduction ideas and i was able to cut my tax payment to $5000. later, i went over to dan's place (armed with some wine coolers and a pack of blue tarantula) for a birthday dinner: both he and kashri (cymara's friend) had birthdays coming up next week. kashri was slightly more pregnant than the last time i saw her (her baby is due in 7 more weeks). cymara was observing lent and couldn't eat any of the meat food she cooked (including the lasagna). after dinner came the birthday cake and dessert. when everyone left, i stayed and watched an episode of futurama before i left as well. back at home, lounging on the couch, i soon fell asleep.


more days!

thursday february 24: tokyo, japan

thursday March 10: taipei, taiwan

friday march 18: hanoi, vietnam

friday march 25: hoi an, vietnam

friday march 31: saigon, vietnam

monday april 4: phnom penh, cambodia

monday april 7: siem reap (angkor wat), cambodia

thursday april 16: vientiane, laos

thursday april 19: luang prabang, laos

thursday april 28: chiang mai, thailand

thursday may 13: bangkok, thailand

wednesday may 18: mandalay, burma (myanmar)

wednesday may 20: bagan, burma (myanmar)

wednesday may 27: yangon, burma (myanmar)

monday may 30: taipei, taiwan

monday june 6: boston, massachusetts