i worked on three different projects today. that's like having 3 different jobs, each one vying for my coding attention. in the morning i braved the cold and went to the north end to work for an hour for client AT. when i came back home, i worked on project X. after i went out to dinner with my parents, i came back and worked on my SRM bugs. i'm exhausted but it feels good to lie on the couch and unwind. this week went by fast. i just want to close my eyes now and go to sleep, taking a hot shower first.

i could've came right back home this morning but i didn't want my trip to be wasted after i finished my AT work so i wandered the north end a little bit. i was tempted to visit one of the many italian restaurants for lunch, but i had work to do at home, so i couldn't stay. i went to mike's pastry and got some cannolis then returned to cambridge. i didn't have anything to eat for lunch except for a single cannoli. i could feel it choking my artery even while i was still eating it. bringing back the cannolis made me sad though. it'd be nice to come home and give them to someone, but since there's no one to give them to, they seemed wasted. spoiling myself is no challenge, i'm easily impressed with my own endeavours, no matter how mundane.

you can't work all day and not have some play, at least i can't. i was messing around with nicecast again, broadcasting my itunes music to a select few lucky test audience members. i have a very short attention span when it comes to music, only listening to a song for less than a minute before i need to change it. in my guise as DJ ADD i played tracks for my listeners, who offered me feedback via instant messaging. unfortunately it's just a trail version of nicecast and i'm too cheap to shell out the $40 to pay for it, so it only broadcasted for 20 minutes before it started transmitting static instead of music.

hawaiian plantains (burrito sized)

vegan seaweed fish

fake lobsters

moon fish
when evening came around, i went with my parents to the 88 chinese grocery store in allston-brighton. we ate first before shopping. my parents went with korean while i ordered my usual thai tom yum noodle soup. it's a great meal on a cold day because the soup is so spicy it leaves you sweating afterwards. afterwards we did some shopping. i felt pretty lethargic, possibly the after effects of working all day combined with the knowledge that when i go back home i have more work to do. my parents gave me a ride back and true to my prediction, i began my SRM work.

that concludes my day. maybe tomorrow i'll have some time to go running (last night i saw a girl running in 22 degrees weather wearing shorts, hardcore!), i haven't exercised in a while and i really have to work off all those cannolis. the printer inks i ordered a few days ago arrived today, even though the rest of my normal mail seemed to be mysteriously missing. sometimes i wonder if the mailman occasionally gets overwhelmed and decides to save some mail for tomorrow. does he know that i'm eagerly awaiting my next netflix arrival?