beautiful food like beautiful people make me happy. for me food is as much about the taste as well as the appearance. the best kind of light for capturing food is of course natural sunlight. in the winter, with the sun low on the horizon, my kitchen is bathed in light. it is during this time that boring food takes on a personality of their own. it's not hard to take a good food photo under those conditions.

the push continues. i started coding as soon as i woke up this morning. i had a list of bugs to fix with a 3pm deadline. i barely had time to make myself some lunch, gumbo soup from a can, as well as cutting up some haymarket canteloupes. one of them was over-ripened, a deep shade of orange, which made for an exceptionally sweet melon and filled my house with the smell of fresh canteloupes. after the deadline i still continued code fixing, and managed to sweep in a new code update before my client delivered to their client. then i felt it. this intoxicating sensation of relief, this overwhelming happiness after a delivery. so content as a matter of fact that i may not even work tomorrow, taking the day off to go naturing instead.

walking across the street to go grocery shopping, i experienced today's cold for the first time, temperature in the 20's. this is the winter we know and love! i made spicy thai noodles for dinner when julie came over. i was hoping to start before she arrived, so my cooking would be critiqued. i added some chinese sausages on top of the chicken, scallions, garlic, chili pepper, lime juice, fish sauce, and brown sugar. after it was all over, julie noticed that it was a lot like pad thai, except i used egg noodles instead. after dinner we watched mystic river on HBO. i brought out a carton of cream puffs, which i proceeded to finish. julie was shocked when i ate it all (about 15), each puff 35 calories and 15mg of cholesterol. after julie left, i watched freeze me on dvd, a japanese movie about a woman who gets revenge on her rapists by freezing them.

and before i forget, last night i ordered some more ink for my printer (it was on sale) as well as the epson p-2000 multimedia storage viewer along with a usb 2.0 pci card. when the epson will arrive i don't know, but i don't need it before christmas so i'm in no rush. if it shows up before the year is through, i can tax-deduct it as a business expense though. you know, my business of photography!

mosquitos - "boombox"