i can't believe it's only tuesday, seems like a friday in the sense that i already feel overworked. unlike the night before (where i slept 10 hrs), i didn't go to bed last night until 4am. if you asked me what i was doing i couldn't tell you because i don't remember. it's just easier for me to go to sleep late than early. it didn't help that i came down with some insomnia. i didn't actually go to bed until 7am, finally exhausted enough to just pass out, only to wake up 3 hours later to start coding again.

playing hot potato with client X today, writing e-mails, passing files. i will have to go into boston tomorrow to do some final on-site work. heard from client D finally, they've decided they want me to do some contract work for them. as much as i welcome the job, a part of me was hoping it wouldn't happen so i can go on my adventure. still, it's good to be wanted. the worst that will happen now is my touring will be delayed; in the meantime, i can add to my cash reserve, make a few more future mortgage payments, maybe even think about some health insurance once my coverage runs out at the end of the year.

julie braved the freezing rain and came over in the evening to make some delicious chicken tikka masala for dinner. we watched the new fashion designer show hosted by heidi klum. after julie left, i continued with my coding, operating on fumes.

i wish everyone had a blog that i could read. i don't think it's fair that i should be the only one. there should be some kind of reciprocity. i know people have started weblogs, but after a while they usually give up. i'm not expecting daily updates (that'd be crazy! i don't know why i do it other than pure masochism or obsessive compulsion), but the occasional updates would be nice. and photos. "leading by example" apparently isn't working.

i don't like photo albums where the photographer just takes photos of him/herself. it's pretty narcissistic. i see that a lot on flickr.com. i could never hang out with somebody like that. unless they were really hot.

in order to keep the cost of heating down, this winter i'm heavily invested in wearing long pants and shirts indoors. normally i'd just be wear shorts and a t-shirt, regardless of what the temperature is outside. i still won't wear socks though. i like being barefoot at home, despite the cold.

everyday i dream about leaving. i need a change of pace. i need to see the world. i need warmer climates. the best thing about a long vacation is i can finally stop blogging. that'd truly be a vacation. don't worry though: i'd still keep a journal, and of course i'd continue to take photos, everything to be posted when i get back. i have to start making a list of things to bring, things to buy. there is nothing more in this town that would prevent me from going away.

i wish lovesickness could be measured with a simple blood test (or perhaps a device that involves the use of a stethoscope), and that there'd be a cure in the form of an over-the-counter medication. not that i'm lovesick. i'm just saying.