today i worked, ran errands, went out running, and made a small anchovy pizza. the project i'm on deals with upgrading an old language application to a new version with a larger screen size. that involves relocating a lot of interface elements, and that requires finding where in the code that takes place. i spent a big chunk of time looking for these arrows on the screen, and even wrote special global functions to track every sprite on the stage, but i just couldn't find where they were. finally i realized they were embedded in the flash navigation. i've got a tentative deadline thursday, with a redesigned flash navigation that'll need to be incorporated once i receive it tomorrow.

i went out around noontime to mail off a photo cd for marsian (enclosed in a pink dvd case). the line at the post office was long, and i kept on watching this guy at the new self-serve machine, weighing and shipping small packages after packages. he looked like one of those ebay business guys. i was tempted to try the machine as well (it would've been quicker), but i wanted to get some cloud stamps. they didn't have anymore, but the woman behind the counter lifted up the glass tabletop and let me buy the display copy. when i got back home i finally ate lunch, 2 krispy kreme donuts and a glass of milk.

around 3pm i went out running. it's the latest i can go without running at night. the sun was already low on the horizon, and bathed the river in orange to contrast with the clear blue sky. it was 45 degrees, warm enough for running shorts, but i went with long pants. at the halfway mark i was dying from the heat, all i wanted to do was to take everything off. when i came home and looked at myself in the mirror, my checks were two large red circles, like i was wearing makeup. they were cold to the touch, and if you licked my face your tongue would stick like on a winter's flagpole.

an issue of detail magazine came to my house today. i thought i canceled the subscription, but for some reason it now seems like i have another year. maybe somebody secretly renewed my subscription. i really don't want to subscribe anymore, i'm not representative of its demographics. i also received something that looked like a wedding invitation. turns out it was, but not what you think: it was an invite to the marriage between cingular and at&t wireless, some kind of publicity thing. there's all this stink when gay people get married but nobody gets crazy when corporations tarnish the sanctity of marriage? i wonder who's the boy and who's the girl then? my heating bill arrived as well, not as much as i thought i'd pay ($70) but it's not even winter yet, it'll be a different story in february.

i didn't turn on the tv at all today, which caught me by surprise when i realized it later in the day. usually that's the first thing that gets turned on in the morning when i wake up, but for some reason i was just too busy for television today. to be honest, daytime television is kind of boring anyway, and my usual staple of local broadcast news can also be had online as well. after my shower though, i was ready for some boob tube and caught an episode of the gilmore girls, the one where jess crashes rory's car, the episode that started to make the show really awkward to watch. i watched some rachel ray but didn't like what she was making. however, her use of anchovies did inspire me and i had a craving for some salty fish, so i went to the grocery store and got some ingredients to make an anchovy pizza.

i called renata, who was sick at home, to make sure she was okay. she thanked me for putting up with her grouchiness last night, and said i would've been invited to rhode island anyway even if the other teacher had come. renata was proud that i almost went the whole day without television, but i told her it probably wouldn't happen again.