some coding work this morning before my father came by to drop off a netflix dvd and a cream cheese bagel. he told me he talked with a pest control guy who came to the cafe to do their routine monthly checkup, and the guy said he'd be willing to come over my place and dust for fleas at a special discounted rate when he has time. i would've never even considered it otherwise, but since it's cheap i figured it wouldn't hurt to let a professional exterminator solve my flea problem. so then the rest of the day i spent cleaning out my house even more. anything that could be picked off the floor i removed, then i vacuumed, rearranged the clutter, and unfurled a rug that'd been sitting underneath the bed (it actually looks pretty good in the kitchen). the guy ended up not coming, so i'll have to call him up tomorrow. funny, but just the prospect of having a professional come by made me feel better about my situation, and my flea problem went from something i couldn't stop thinking about to just a minor inconvenience i'll take care of soon.

a present arrived on my doorstep: the dr martens i'd ordered online finally came. they looked too big at first, but they fit perfectly. i don't know about you, but i always feel like celebrating when i find something that fits. i'm tempted to buy another pair, so when i wear out these shoes i'll have a new set to take their place. they were so comfortable i wore them around the house not realizing i had shoes on.

in the evening i made some chicken fingers for dinner. the instructions called for broiling and i didn't know the strength of my own oven and ended up charring the hell out of my poultry strips. not wanting any food to go to waste, i ate them, which wasn't so bad with ketchup to mask the burnt taste. it wasn't a lot of food but i wasn't very hungry (3 cans of root beer might have something to do with it, that's healthy).


burnt side

charred side

later, after work, my father dropped by with some glue traps. they're intended for mice, but i was going to use them to fashion my own homemade flea trap until the real one arrives. they're scented, like fragrant cookies, and i'm tempted to eat one but 30 years of life lessons persuade me otherwise. i also helped him figure out why his coppermine photo galleries don't seem to show up on the pc. for some reason xp explorer has problems displaying the photos, even though firefox shows the galleries just fine. it's not just the photos though, it's graphical interface elements as well that's missing in explorer, as if the browser was purposely blocking all images from the gallery. it's weird, and the problem persisted even after i updated. after my father left, i got the urge to buy something online again and bought 100 blank printable dvd-r's.