oh, i had trouble sleeping last night. i was anxious to wake up, to find out the final result of the presidential nomination. like many democrats, i was hoping that when i woke up wednesday morning, i'd find out that kerry through some sort of voting miracle had won ohio. this would not be the case however. i woke up and realized what i feared the most was true, that george bush did indeed win the nomination. sad, angry, and a feeling of helplessness, like nothing i could do now would make any difference, the votes have been counted, and bush will stay president for 4 more years. each person will have to find some way to handle this bad news. it helps that i live in such a liberal state. the federal government might be heavily republican, but almost all the local politicians are democratic, and i know they're just as angry as i am that kerry didn't win the presidency. i heard a lot of people tell me that they're thinking about moving to another country. not me. i'm staying, and i'm fighting. the next 4 years i'm going to be flexing my rage muscle. if those republicans know what's good for them, they better be nice to me, because i'm like a timebomb, i will explode at any moment.

this morning i went to the new SRM office down at one alewife square. it's a great space, 1000 square feet more than their old place, with plenty of windows. the smell of new carpet still strong in the air, and i met their new programmer amy. they were still in the process of moving in, setting up the machines, with stacks of moving bins up against the wall. i fixed some bugs for about 2 hours, then i left. i stopped by the cafe briefly (it was really busy, the noontime crowd), then came home, eating my leftover barbecue.

this week i haven't really been doing anything, but the days seem to go by so quickly, probably because now it gets dark so much sooner. an old client contacted me about some work, looks to be probably a few simple weeks of coding. i know november i'd scheduled myself for a vacation, but i'm going to have to postpone it until december probably; when a freelance opportunity to make some money lands in my lap, i can't turn it down. i have to go into boston tomorrow to discuss the project.

this day was like a lit match, quickly burning away to nothingness. i spent some time in my bedroom organizing some photos to upload. before i knew it it was dark outside. i'd watch the news on television but quickly turned it off, i didn't need to be reminded of what happened today. i ended up uploading about 200 photos to my flickr account:


almost all of these photos have appeared on the weblog before, but now i'm assembling them together into one place. i'm very proud of the mushroom album, where i've organized them by color.

a french bread pizza for dinner, a can of ginger ale, before going to bed.