juggling two projects today, worked when i woke up this morning (answering e-mails, taking phone calls, fixing bugs), then went to the SRM office, where i endured a wet motorcycle ride. all i could hear was the crackle of raindrops on the helmet; my jeans and my jacket were all soaked, and i was shivering slightly in the cold. i had koreana takeout for lunch, a real bargain for all that food, but for some reason the fact that they didn't sprinkle sesame seeds on the rice or the bulgogi really seemed to bother me. with the debugging done, i left to pick up some video files in cambridgeport, the rain having stopped by then, my clothes mostly dry.

back at home, i made potting mix for my two carnivorous plants: the cobra lily likes 2 parts sphagnum moss to 1 part perlite, while the parrot pitchers like an equal mix of perlite with peat moss. i let them soak overnight, using water that had been left out from the day before (to allow the chlorine to dissipate: also recommended: rain water, boiled water, purified water). i went out to buy some drinks. returning home, i bumped into my neighbor margot, who asked about my bike, and told me a few weeks ago she had heard the crash in the middle of the night, loud enough that it woke her up, and she only now realized that it was my bike.

i walked over to julie's place before 7pm. our original plan was to drive out to blue ribbons bbq to get some food and bring it back to myself to watch the game, but we encountered a slight setback when julie realized she lost her car key and the spare set she had wouldn't activate the car alarm which controls the ignition. so for the rest of the evening she was preoccupied with finding her lost key. approaching 8pm (game time), we finally left her place. i went to wing works to make an order but the wait seemed too long so i didn't bother. i was surpried to see joel and his roommate who came by to pick up an order. julie and i ended up walking back to my place. while she bought a sandwich nearby, i baked some french bread pizza for dinner.

the game was a painful nightmare, our pitching ace curt schilling underperformed and let the yankees score 6 runs in the first few innings. but being a good fan means sticking with the team through thick and thin: for every victory celebration, there's also the humiliating defeat. tonight seemed to be one of the latter. mike mussina was flirting with a no-hitter, and when mark belhorn broke up the streak in the 7th inning, it was a moral victory for the red sox. i was already expecting to lose, but the yankees weren't going to score a no-hitter off of us, not on my match. scoring a run was just a bonus, now we weren't going to be shutout either. by the end of the inning the score was 5-8. by the top of the 8th, that score became 7-8. yankees stadium was quiet. if nothing else, at least we put the fear back into the hearts of yankees fans, sending them a clear message that if they expect this to be an easy series, they're wrong. there was no more "who's your daddy?" chants. unfortunately, at the bottom of the 8th, the yankees managed to get some runs, now 7-10. that was too large a deficit to overcome, especially with mariano rivera pitching, and the red sox didn't capitalize in the final inning, despite having the tying run on homeplate. tomorrow's an important game, pedro's pitching. can the yankees fans really sustain the "daddy" chant for 3 hours? i'd like to see that. the job of the ace seems to be back in pedro's lap. will he be the pedro of old, or will he deliver another mediocre performance? god of baseball, please shine favorably upon our home team!

instead of walking, i took julie home via motorcycle. we were both bundled up in large puffy winter jackets. i have problems with turns while carrying a passenger in the backseat, i just need more practice.