okay, it's cold now. temperature today was somewhere in the 50's. i don't think i'm ready for autumn, and i'm definitely not ready for winter. i vaguely remembered last year that i was actually enjoying the winter, despite the expensive heating bills, despite the freezing temperatures. maybe it's because i had a job and spent most of my days in a warm office. being a cheap bastard myself, i'm probably going to be doing a lot of freezing come winter as i try to conserve heating money. imagine me walking around the house in my fleece pajamas. imagine me learning how to knit so i can make stylish hats to keep myself warm. all this within a matter of months. i can't wait.

i continued with my squid work this morning, slowly plugging away at it. i like this schedule, i have three days to fix something that theoretically could be done in just a day. come thursday i go with alex out to stow to field test the application i've been building. a school's computer lab. i'm nervous i might pass out from the rush of nostalgic memories. kids today must have way better computers than i did when i was in school. in middle school we had a bank of apple II's, and by the time i got to high school, it was B&W module mac SE's. i don't mind dating myself, it establishes my computer street cred.

in the afternoon i went with my father to pick up some supplies for the cafe. he threw his back out so he needed my help to carry stuff. we went to the restaurant depot, where they have this ginormous meat locker. that must be a terrible job. maybe it's not so bad during the summer, but imagine working there during the winter, it's cold outside, and then you come to the office, and it's just as cold. we had a ricketing cart and two bottles of almond creme (used for mixing drinks) smashed to the ground. it looks like water from a distance, but the stuff is sticky. we quickly hid the evidence and left the scene of the crime. later, we went to bj wholesales. i got a bunch of frozen food for my fridge. while waiting at the checkout line, i picked up a copy of one of those small checkout magazines, this one called everyday food ($2.95). i was surprised, but i couldn't put it down. it just had a bunch of simple recipes, but what's really cool about it is the presentation, photos of the food and the ingredients, the kind of things i really like to look at. so i'm probably going to subscribe, it's a really nice food magazine. later on i discovered it's actually a subset of the martha stewart empire.

we came back to my place and unloaded my frozen food, then while me father returned to the cafe, i followed him in my motorcycle. after unloading the cafe supplies, i picked up another amazon.com order which had arrived there, and came back home. i found rob house at home, ironing some clothes in the living room. the red sox game was in progress, and i caught it just when they scored 7 runs in one inning. it goes without saying that they won the game. game 2 tomorrow night, 10pm.

while rob went out, julie came over. even though there was no red sox game to be watched, there was still the vice presidential debate, as well as the yankees-twins game. i made tacos (conveniently assembled with a kit) while she made salsa. we were done cooking right when the debate started at 9pm. after the first few minutes, i was already bored. cheney has a monotonous delivery that's like a black hole during a debate, since it's hard to get a rise out of the guy, being that he's assembled from mostly the re-animated body parts of corpses. cheney's tactic is to just keep on saying how kerry-edwards are wrong, and make up facts along the way. edwards, with his southern drawl, i feel like even if he's saying something mean, it comes out nice. we ended up watching a lot of the yankees game, and were ecstatic when the twins beat them 2-0.

later in the evening, hot chocolate with marshmellows and kettle-cooked popcorn (slightly burnt, the bag wasn't able to rotate in my small microwave). julie, who didn't think much of my everyday food magazine (considering i got it at the check-out aisle), was irresistibly drawn to the publication as well, and it seemed to have won her over in the end. i stood on the doorsteps when julie eventually left, afraid of this cold night-time air that seemed to be forming ice flakes on everything as we speak. with my garden plants still outside, i was ready to let them die from the frost that would probably be visiting cambridge later tonight.