blue poison arrow frog with friends

bumble bee poison arrow frog

dyeing poison arrow frog

unknown dendrobates

orange bumble bee poison frog

dendrobates trivittatus

green black poison arrow frog

woke up at 5:30am this morning (after just one hour of sleep) to get ready and get to chinatown. it was still dark when i left the house, which is my litmus test for earliness. rob's cat was sleeping in my bed, which left me apprehensive after reading "life of pi" about the boy who lives with a bengal tiger on a lifeboat, considering how rob's cat can sometimes be temperamental. i returned some vidoes, got some money from the atm, before heading down porter square into boston. while going down the escalator i slipped and fell on the slippery steps. a station attendant just happened to witness everything, and asked, "you okay?" but the look on his face was more like annoyance than genuine concern. "too early i guess," i replied sheepishly. his expression remained unchanged. the chinatown buses have actually moved to south station now, with a price increase to $15. i slept uncomfortably the entire trip. i met john miller in front of the AMNH for the special frogs exhibit.

poison arrow frogs tank

golden mantella frogs

clawed frog

vietnamese mossy frogs

waxy monkey frog

spycam tank

horned frog

african bullfrog

chinese gliding frog

later, we went down to washington square by NYU, and had dinner at some indian place (i had the lamb vindaloo, very spicy).

we saw a free improv show at PIT (including a sketch about pooping as a sport and a second troupe featuring a cute well-endowed redhead) then came back to brooklyn, retrieving his car in the process.

while out getting some drinks, we wandered the streets of brooklyn heights, admiring all the brownstone buildings in the dark.

deanna was back at home by the time we returned around midnight.