i went to greater boston motorsports in arlington this morning to see if i could order a replacement part for my busted kickstand. i was afraid they wouldn't have it because i searched online all last night and i couldn't find a place that carried it. while waiting for somebody to help me out, i overheard a conversation one of the employees was having: "i read in hustler, this article about george bush, all the links to saudi arabia, that's some crazy shit." what wrong with this picture? a) he reads hustler, 2) he has no qualms about letting other people know what he's reading, and 3) apparently that's a source of serious news for him. i guess the good news is he's probably not going to vote for bush in november. anyway, although GBM didn't have my kickstand in stock (they hardly ever carry kickstands, it's not a commonly replaced part), they would order one for me ($69). officially it takes 5-7 days for the part to arrive, but they guy told me that they're about to phone in this week's honda order and i might expect to get a kickstand by monday.

there's a weird smell in my kitchen and i think it's coming from the sink. i must've dumped something into the drain and now it's giving off a foul odor. which got me thinking about cleaning the house. i started with the laundry, washing two loads. in between domestic choirs, i was called into service by SRM to fix a few last minute bugs from home. fortunately i didn't go anywhere today, originally i planned on being at the beach again. for lunch, i ate some leftover pizza that i heated in the toaster oven.

my father came by in the afternoon to pick up his powerbook 3400, now set up for wireless. he brought along a container of rice noodles and a cup of bubble ice tea. since he was here, i got him to take me to microcenter, where i was trying to an usb bluetooth adapter. they only had two models, one with a visible antenna, the other a PCMCIA version. my father bought a cheap PC keyboard and mouse (for a computer he dumpster dived a few weeks ago), as well as a hawking wireless omni-directional antenna. we came back to my place to test out the antenna, which turned out to be essentially useless, and attached to my wireless hub, it actually decreased the range instead of extending it. so it goes without saying we're probably going to return it.

maybe because i was all set to buy something but didn't, i ended up putting in an amazon.com order. i was motivated by a special deal on a lexar 4x 512mb compactflash card for $26 after a mail-in rebate. that deal was too good to resist. i got the memory card along with several books.

i invited julie over to watch the first game of the red sox yankees series in boston. she had her moscow sandwich while i ate my rice noodles, with ice cream drumsticks for dessert later in the evening. pedro was pitching, the game was close, but the red sox ended up losing, with any hopes of beating the yankees in the division race all but gone. although it's not locked yet, the red sox are almost guaranteed the wild card spot. so we make it to the playoffs, but if we can't beat the yankees in the regular season (especially in october), how can be beat them in the postseason? and now the yankees totally have it in their heads that they can beat pedro anytime, anywhere, and the stats have backed them up on that claim. i don't know what to think anymore. let's wait until this weekend is over and see where the chips lie.

after julie left, i marinated one of the game hens, messed around into the wee hours of the night, and had some ramen from a cup for a late night snack.