it was raining this morning so i took the train into the office instead of biking. i miss riding the mbta, i miss the people watching. during lunch i walked down to the galleria mall, to borders bookstore, where they were having a sale on cookbooks (buy 2, get 1 free). i got a mushroom cooking book, a thai book, and a curry book. when i came back, i got a steak tips sub from kendall's house of pizza. work seemed to be winding down and i was expecting to have tomorrow and friday off, but wouldn't you know it, at the end of the day a mysterious bug suddenly appeared, threatening to put a damper on my extended weekend, or at the very least force me to work from home a few hours tomorrow. i left work a little early because everyone else was leaving (and i didn't have the keys to lock up the place).

bumped into someone i knew from high school while walking back from the train station to my house: tom chance (that's a total rockstar name), who was a few grades above me. we walked by each other, and it was one of those mutual recognition doubletakes. we stopped and pointed at one another. "you're tom chance, right?" i said. "tony?" i was surprised he remembered my name, we never hung out socially although we shared the same friends. within a minute i was able to get all his info (haven't seen him since high school, a decade and a half ago), that he lives in east arlington and that he just recently graduated from law school, still looking for work. he asked me what i did for a living, and i told him i'm working on my third unemployment (i don't know why i don't give the better response, "freelancing," or "in-between jobs," but why beat around the bush?). he also introduced me to the woman he was with, don't remember her name, didn't quite catch what's her relationship is to him. with that we part, small worldism strikes again.

in the evening, rob had the leftover biryani for dinner while i went with a serving of chinese dumplings, finishing it off with some more flan. rob rented some french movies and we watched about an hour of un coeur en hiver before turning to the game at 10pm. pedro martinez versus tim hudson, hudson had no control over his pitching tonight (although i thought the umpire had a lot to do with it, small strike zone), and walked 3 red sox players to start the inning. goes without saying, the red sox won the game and completed a sweep of the oakland athletics.

i look forward to spending the next two days at home, provided that there's no coding crisis at work, so based on past history, i shouldn't be resting too comfortably. too bad the weather's going to be rainy the next few days (like it is right now, the loud hissing of rainfall outside), otherwise i'd be "elsewhere."

black rob - "thug story"