my body was destroyed from this past weekend (14 miles worth of mountain hiking) but after a good night's rest in a bed (instead of sleeping on the forest floor), i was a little better. i still had back pains, but it slowly went away as the day progressed. i worked a little bit from home in the morning, then did some cleaning. i learned that rob will be moving in tomorrow, a day earlier than i anticipated. too busy to clean out the spare bedroom tonight, i'll have to do it all tomorrow.

i moved my desktop computer out to the dining table in the kitchen for the meeting with katrinka and alex (vestiges of squid country safari) around noon (versus everyone crowding into my bedroom/home office). it was hot, a box fan and an open door to the backyard was the only thing keeping us cool. the meeting was to talk about a spot of coding work for a small legacy project, probably no more than 20 hours of work. at one point we were interrupted by somebody ringing my doorbell. alex and katrinka became unwitting accomplices as we pretended not to be home, but this visitor would not leave. i had an idea who it was and when i finally opened the door my suspicion was confirmed: my next door neighbor renee, with yet another computer emergency. "did i wake you, were you sleeping?" she asked. "no, um, actually, i'm in client meeting right now, so..." she either didn't understand what i was saying or didn't care, and stood by the door, like she was expecting me to just follow her back. "okay, i'll check out your computer after i'm done here," i told her, before closing the door.

after the meeting, i got dressed to go to the SRM office for a delivery, but not before keeping my promise and ringing renee's doorbell. i went upstairs, and met her teenage son, who quickly hid from view, in that same way a bug might scurry away when you overturn a rock. when renee originally told me the problem, i knew it had to be a power strip issue: she said her computer, her monitor, her printer, even her router, all wouldn't turn on. when i asked if earlier if everything was plugged in, she was certain that it was. after tracing the tangled coils of wires, i discovered the problem: one of the bigger plugs was over the on/off switch on the surge protector and turned the whole strip off. i will never answer my door again.

at the SRM office, i was basically on standby, fixing little bugs as soon as they were discovered, updating the tester code on the server every so often. tonight's delivery was a marketing beta. i didn't have breakfast or lunch, but fortunately there were some leftover slices of pizza which saved me from starvation. say what you will about SRM, but they're paying my bills and taking care of my air conditioning needs and feeding me at the same time. in my haste to leave my house, i left my camera at home, but fortunately there were no kodak moments.

when i was at work, all i could think about was coming home and going to bed. however, when i did get back, i just ended up watching television. although it was still early, my body ached in such a while that i couldn't go running. instead, i made soup from a can for dinner and watched the republican national convention, the gamma ray to my hulking anger. i'll give them this though: rudolph giuliani is a good speaker (and he didn't care if he ran overtime, even though most of the major networks didn't even bother covering the RNC, maybe it's a local thing), too bad he's playing for the wrong team.

several showers and a little fan is what's keeping me from going crazy tonight on this rather humid evening. times like this i yearn for the dryness of cold new england winters. starting tomorrow, tuesday, my sweet single life who be put on temporary hiatus for the next few months. i don't have to go into the office for the next few days, it'll just be a combination of errand running, spot debugging, and solo visits to any place that will allow me to savor the final few days of summer.