behind schedule, what else is new? i'll be working from the SRM office all week, mailing out a beta on friday for a monday delivery. it's going to be a hard next few days. i'm already having trouble falling asleep, can't stop thinking about the code. i feel like i'm one of those undercover cops who gets involved too deep with some criminal investigation and can't seem to distinguish the difference between right or wrong anymore.

i still know it's right to water the plants in the morning when they seem sort of wilty. and i still remember to feed the fish. this morning i woke up cold, like suddenly overnight it became autumn, despite the fact that we have a month of summer still left to go. go out into the backyard quickly reassured me that yes indeed it's still warm outside. last night i ordered some books, 2 insect field guides and a rodale's gardening book. the gardening book is actually a replacement, i used to have a copy but it mysteriously disappeared. it's out of print so i had to buy it used from a 3rd party amazon affiliate.

i took the motorcycle into work this morning. it took just 10 minutes to get there. if i rode the subway, it would've taken 30 minutes, factoring in the waiting and walking time. a motorcycle is the best of both worlds when it comes to city commuting i've discovered. it's small enough to dodge in between traffic like a bicycle, but at the same time it moves fast like a car. i could detect the hate and jealousy coming from stranded motorists stuck in congestion, as well as from folks peddling on bicycles, as i effortlessly blow by them.

a solid 8 hours of work, i didn't even go out for a lunch break, not feeling particularly hungry, just had a yogurt and some leftover beans salsa salad from the kitchen. i did step outside for a few minutes in the afternoon. the weather was gorgeous, if i wasn't working, it would've been the most perfect beach weather, clear blue sky with a few spot of puffy white clouds. i stood outside the office, leaning against the railing. i remember this spot. my former coworkers and i used to come out here, just standing outside for a few minutes, taking a break. we didn't say much to each other, but we shared in the enjoyment of nice summer weather. good times. i made a lot of progress, but the code wall is still high, and there's plenty more to do.

leaving the office, i went by the kendall cinema, and was briefly tempted to just go see a movie to clear my head. maybe another time perhaps. i raced home, changed clothes, and went outside for a run around 7pm. the sun was low on the horizon, saturating the landscape in a warm orange glow as i made my way around the charles river and back. tax my brain all day, come home, tax my body. i'm a real masochist.

i had dumplings for dinner, witness another red sox loss, thought about doing some more coding at home, but decided to take a small break from work instead.