what?! yeah, i first noticed this little weird area of skin on my right shoulder about 2 months ago. i wanted to get my doctor to take a look at it but i forgot to ask him about it the last time i saw him. since then, it has slowly increased in size. originally it was just a small patch of skin without pigment, but now it's about the size of a dime with a sort dark center. it doesn't hurt, it just feels like regular skin, but i'd like to get it checked out just to be on the safe side. besides, all the cool kids are getting biopsies this summer. i really began to notice it today when i came back from my sweaty topless running around the charles river.
okay, enough about your damn cancer. what time did you wake up this morning? i got out of bed at 9am and promptly woke my computer up to start programming.
breakfast? a yogurt. it tasted like it had artificial sugar (which i detest), but the ingredients said it was all natural.
lunch? i had lunch with lisa, we ate at the vietnamese bubble ice tea shop on mass ave near porter square. at first i didn't want to stay there because they didn't have air-conditioning (that was the whole reason i left my house!), only ceiling fans, but since we were already there, we stuck it out. we both had the same thing, a vietnamese sub with a bubble ice tea. this was my second visit, and their bubble ice tea has not improved. the tapioca balls are still not soft enough. i don't think lisa noticed, since this was her first time having one of these, but having had good bubble ice tea before, i know the difference. the vietnamese sandwich was okay, 50 cents more than what they charge in chinatown, with a lot less stuff, but it beats having to go all the way into boston. it's always a pleasure talking to lisa, one of the few people in the world who i can chat up lingo with. we shared some gossip, then griped about clients who don't pay, and then somehow our conversation turned political, both of us expressing fustration with the current administration.
when did you stop working? i stop working at 5pm, to go out for a run. it was kind of nice, temperature in the 70's, and it wasn't humid for a change. i stopped at the drinking fountain, water never felt so good, drinking, spitting, drenching. reinvigorated, i finished the route then came home for a hot shower.
at anytime during the day did you suffer some emotional trauma? yes, ms.julie, whom i didn't realize was a coprophiliac, bombarded me with images of animal poo poo via ichat after i told her the story about the little boy who escaped from a bear in new hampshire only to die of fright when he got back to camp.
dinner more dumplings! and two glasses of coffee milk.
how did you finish out the night? SVU at 8pm (the one about online sex pedophiles), work on the weblog at 9pm, figured i'd get back to work at 10pm, but right now i'm not in the mood. i'll take a shower, get ready for bed, if i feel up to it i'll do some coding, otherwise i'll get some early sleep, i'm going to SRM tomorrow to work.