i was the last person to arrive at the office today at 11:30 and immediately afterwards we had our monday morning meeting to discuss the future of the company. the bosses took a tally again of who would be staying onboard if the company was sold and every single person said he or she would be leaving for one reason or another. with that knowledge, they let us know that we'd have the final decision by next week, whether or not the company was going to continue.

the bosses left for an off-site meeting in the afternoon, leaving us employees alone in the office. i finished up my yogurt and ate two small cranberry muffins. this current situation has created a schism between employees and employers, and if anything, it's allowed us workers to bond a little bit more as we take refuge in some dark humor. everyone was cleaning out their desk area with a stronger sense of urgency than last week. kristine was showing us this wooden box she made in the 7th grade for industrial arts, and was telling us how it used to be shaped like a duck. such fine handcraftsmanship deserves heirloom status so i was surprised when she wanted to throw it away, then thought it'd be more fun to stomp on it with her feet. there was also a 7 year old pot of cacti that belongs to her, and she told us how even though she never waters them, they still seem to be surviving after all these years.

james and i left at 4pm just when the bosses were coming back. the subway was surprisingly empty, i must've caught one of those second trains that immediately follow another train, so when we arrive at each station, the crowded first train has already picked up most of the commuters. as soon as i got home i changed clothes and went out for a run. i like running in boston, there's more to see, but there's no showers at work, and i didn't want to stay any longer in the office than what i have to. running in cambridge, by harvard square, it's more practical, i do my 3 miles, i come home, i shower. that was the case today, i had a good run, kept up my stamina, went the whole course without stopping. i bumped into jeff on my way back (he was off to play soccer along with his dog), then bruce and dennis (i waved to sarah down the street, who was on her way home).

now that getting to work on time isn't a concern anymore, i have more time to do all the morning things i've ever wanted to do but never had time. things like eating breakfast and taking a shower. you see, i'm one of those people who shower at nights. there are people who swear by night showering, and those who swear by morning showering, i've both arguments before. i just like showering at nights because i like to go to bed clean and because i can't wake up early enough in the mornings to shower. well, not anymore. as a matter of fact, during the summer, i actually shower 3 times: once in the morning when i wake up, once in the early evening (now late afternoon) when i get home, and one more time at night. basically anytime i feel hot or gross, i hit the shower. when i come out, the evaporation has a cooling effect.

after my shower, i watched a bit of news, then heated my leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night. i used the microwave because i didn't have time for the stove, but the microwave heats things unevenly, and it took a while before i was able to get the sauce and meatballs all warmed up. i didn't even bother heating the pasta noodles, just pour the sauce over it, hoping it'd warm everything up (which it didn't). afterwards i ate the last of my watermelon while watching the all-star homerun derby on ESPN. miguel tejada! sets a new homerun derby record of 15 homers in an outing. mr.family values, who was angry with the red sox last year for casting an obscene gesture at him, could be heard at one point shouting "coño!" on national television when he hit a foul ball.