my pepper plants looked wilty this morning, so i watered them. i don't water my plants everyday. when it rains i don't water them. and when the dirt looks damp i don't water them. but maybe i should water more often. i also need to get a bigger watering can, the one i'm using will only hold about two glasses of water so i need to keep on coming back inside to refill it. 20 minutes after the watering, the peppers seemed more revived. i noticed some white flowers, which will eventually become actual peppers. during my morning vegetable maintenance, i also relocated one of the tomato plants, hoping it'd receive more sunlight from this new spot.

i saw a neighbor's black cat outside my house when i left for work. it was meowing so i approached it with an open hand, getting ready to pet it. out of nowhere this mockingbird came swooping down from the sky and attacked the cat, pecking at it from the side, then flying away, perching on a powerline overhead, squawking loudly. i shielded the cat from further attacks, trying to scare off the mockingbird but the bird wasn't going anywhere, patiently waiting for me to leave before continuing the attacks. "run away!" i told the cat before i left, turning to see that the mockingbird was still there.

i decided to get off at downtown crossing and walk to the office. riding the narrow escalator up to the surface, a pretty asian girl wearing daisy dukes was standing in front of me. i tried very hard not to look, but her butt was directly at my eye level, and i found myself becoming involuntarily aroused (and no, i don't have photos!). think of something else think of something else!

i was at work primarily for james' birthday lunch. kristine was back in the office, and adam decided to come in too even though yesterday he said he was going to the beach. before we left for lunch though, the bosses wanted to have another meeting with us. oh no, not more bad news. what else could it be? turns out it was good news, or at least something to think about. apparently somebody's interested in buying the company. this idea actually came to my head as well, but i have no ambitions to run my own company (much less buy a pre-existing one) and i don't have that kind of money anyway. but if the bosses decide to sell, that would mean nobody would lose their jobs. it'd be business as usual, except we'd have a new boss. the bosses wanted to know how we'd feel about the decision, voice our opinions. i told them i wouldn't stay, that no matter what happened, my cards were being thrown into the wind, and i'd gladly work as a freelancer, but i'd be seeking my fortunes elsewhere. just tuesday we thought we'd be losing our jobs, and now friday we find out we might not losing anything after all. unfortunately, the wheels are already in motion for me, my mind already in unemployment and freelance mode, i've already started looking for a new job. i don't know if anybody else in the office is looking already as well, my situation might be a little different, getting "laid off" doesn't faze me in the least anymore, so i'm already moving on. then alex said something i found a little disturbing, that if the company was sold to somebody else, no one would be laid off, so that means any decision to leave would be personal, which means no unemployment benefits, since leaving the company would constitute a quit, although he later said the company could layoff those who didn't want to stay onboard (almost as a personal favor). things are a little complicated, to say the least. all i know is what's been happening this week represents a new opportunity. sometimes we get too complacent with our job, and end up staying at a place just because it's comfortable and familiar, even though it doesn't challenge us anymore. i don't know how long i would've worked at the company if i didn't get laid off, but there was definitely an expiration date. the company closing its doors is the perfect opportunity for me to go back in the field and try something new, to change things up a little bit. it's scary because the future is unknown, but it's also exciting at the same time. plus, it saves me from having to eventually tell the bosses i quit when it came time for me to leave. this way there's no hard feelings, everyone still stays friends.

we went to lucky's for lunch, located in south boston (over the bridge, a few blocks away from the children's museum). the place is so exclusive, there's not even a sign for this restaurant/bar, you just have to know it's there, its entrance a corner of a building with staircases leading downstairs. the decor is swanky, think frank sinatra, think swingers, think martinis. jame's girlfriend jamie joined us as well. i ordered the barbecue burger, which looked too large to eat when it arrived at the table, but some how i managed to consume the whole thing. kristine and katrinka got specialty pizzas, jamie and alex went with burgers as well (alex atkined his order with no buns or fries), james had a plate of fried calamari (i'm going to order that next time), and adam went with boneless buffalo chicken with no blue cheese (not on the menu, the hot sauce was too hot).

coming back to the office, i bumped into dave wohlgemuth again (this has been happening a lot, bumping into people i know, it's surprising, really, because i don't know that many people). i told him i only had until the end of the month before my job would be over, and we made tentative plans to perhaps do lunch before that happens. i found the rest of the gang by the children's museum, where they were giving out free ice cream samples. we waited patiently in line to get our little cup of ice cream, don't know the flavor, tasted like oreos though, which black cookie crumbs.

i didn't bother returning to the office, but instead i went with james and jamie to the boston common theatre to catch the opening day of anchorman. it's a really funny movie if you're a fan of will ferrell's style of humor. he's crazy fun, unlike someone like jerry seinfeld, who's smart funny. i remember i used to hate ferrell on saturday night live, i thought his sense of humor was stupid. over the years though, his antics have grown on me, and now his name is synonymous with the yuck yucks. what's good about anchorman: th 70's music makes me want to buy the soundtrack, the scene with jack black as a disgruntled biker made me laugh until i cried, as well as the battle royale scene with the different competing networks (awesome cameos). what's bad about anchorman: christina applegate. i guess she's okay in this movie, but there's something about her that i don't like. like many people my age, i too was in love with kelly bundy, but i never thought she could have a career in the movies, much less a comedic go-to girl. i can't wait for ferrell's next movie, whatever it might be. i wonder if he's ever going to tackle a serious role, walking that same path set forth by the likes of other funny men like robin williams, bill murray, and jim carrey.

after the movie i came back to cambridge. the topless neighborhood watchman was on duty. i don't know if he has a job or not, but often times he's parked outside his house, sitting on a plastic patio chair, topless. it'd be fine if he was friendly, but he sits there with a frown on his face and eyes you suspiciously when you walk by him (how ironic). maybe he doesn't really live in that house but just works there, and maybe i always catch him when he's on a break. i'm surprised some of the other neighbors haven't complained yet, especially those with small children. according to the massachusetts sex offenders registry, cambridge is home to 44 moderate risk offenders and 5 high risk offenders.

my parents and sister came over for dinner, we just ordered a pizza from around the corner. that barbecue burger must've been really filling, because i wasn't hungry at all and only ate a slice of pizza. afterwards, i went with them back to the cafe so i could drive one of the cars back to my place, in preparation for tomorrow's naturing.