being older means i move slower. not because i can't move fast, but because what's the point in rushing when i don't have to? so it's with that sense of deliberate timing that i got ready for work this morning. used the bathroom. fed the fish. oh, i need to put on some pants. draw open the blinds. water the plants. take my pills. i put on my new contacts for the very first time, and grabbed my chinese history book for some light commuting reading.

i went running with alex in the afternoon, the weather was an overcasted 72 degrees, there'd be no summertime beauties sunning themselves on the banks of the charles on this day. he had on his muscle shirt, but talked about wanting to get something with vents, possibly mesh, for better air circulation. we ran silently for the most part, each man lost in his own thoughts, straining to complete the 3 miles loop. i came back the sweatiest i've ever been, my t-shirt thoroughly soaked. when i dried off a bit, i got changed back into my civilian clothes and went out and got some smelly tofu for lunch. before the end of the work day, i went out one more time, to the little convenience store, to get a bottle of chocolate milk and some candy.

walking back home from the train station, i was greeted by my neighbors jack and bruce from the window of their study, and later dennis (their landlord) came down as well. we had a neighborly sidewalk chat (about the block party that i missed, about words to teach bruce's 2 year old niece) before i slowly wandered to my house, bringing out the trash barrel and the recycle bin for tomorrow's pickup.

the first order of business was taking a shower to wash off all that grime. julie, once again too busy for our usual tuesday dinner, would not be making an appearance tonight, which meant i could watch another episode of the gilmore girls. that was followed by the second half of the baseball game, the red sox ended up beating the visiting minnesota twins, our hitters stroking the long ball with nomar belting out his 5th grand slam homerun of his career (and his first homerun since returning from his injury). i had the rest of yesterday's dumplings for dinner, washed up the dishes, then brought out the trash. i also ordered some dvd's from deepdiscountdvd.com, there's an additional 20% off with the "deepdiscount" promotional code and the shipping is free. i ordered a bunch of shlocky films, can't wait for them to arrive so it can be like christmas again.

3 more days before the weekend. tomorrow's going to be another gorgeous day. is it just me, or have we had perfect weather every single wednesday for the past few weeks? all i can think about tomorrow is going to the beach, but of course i'll be spending 8 hours at the office. at least it's air conditioned. and all the free tap water i can drink. life is cruel during the summer when you're working. i am definitely not tickled.

buck & bonnie owens - "it tickles"