i bumped into my grad school neighbor sarah this morning. i saw her reading the newspaper on her backyard deck when i was outside watering the plants (now that the weather's warm, it's prime growing season), and then when i left the house i ran into her. she was concerned about a large construction truck blocking the street, worried that it might damage her car. then on my way to the subway station, i bumped into sam's girlfriend, who works at lesley, so i used to see her all the time.

the great thing about summer is how simple everything becomes. no longer do i have to fumble with a winter coat when i leave work: i just grab my bag and go. the things i wear for bed - t-shirt and shorts - i can just as easily wear them to work, no need to get dressed. there's no more heating bills to worry about, and the cost of electricity if reduced as well since there's more daylight available. food's also cheaper as things like produce are in season now. how simple life would be if i lived in a place with warm weather year round!

speaking of the simple life, james and i went to the boston common to have lunch today. we both got something from burger king, he went with a burger, i went with the chicken garden salad. the salad took a long time to prepare (you know, they have to cook that lettuce and stuff), and when i finally saw my order, they gave me shrimp instead of chicken.

coming back to the office, we dropped by the c-mart, unbelievably crowded no matter when one visits. it was james first time, he'd never been to this supermarket even when it was still called mei tung, and i was still getting used to the renovations. i got some yogurt drinks, some haw fruits, and spicy taiwanese beef jerky. i ended up eating too much jerky and could feel the hotness churning in my stomach by the time i left work.

julie canceled on dinner tonight because she had too much work to do. this gave me the chance to catch up on a single episode of the gilmore girls, my former guilty pleasure. tonight's episode dealt with dean's wedding and how in a fit of inebriation as a result of a bachelor party (despite the fact that dean is still underage, for shame!), he reveals to luke while in a sleepy stupor that he's actually still in love with rory. meanwhile, loralei and suki break ground on their new inn. for dinner, i made some instant indonesian rice and cooked up the rest of my kielbasa (everyone knows polish goes well with southeast asian cuisine).

detroit pistons rock! east coast representing.