i forgot to buy an mbta pass for the month of june; the long weekend at the end of may threw off my normal purchasing schedule. i could either pay for a single ride and get my pass in boston, or take an extra 5 minutes to walk down to harvard square and buy one there. i decided to go for the long walk since i was going to be late for work anyway. there was a long line but it went quickly. the guy working the counter was talking to his friend on the cellphone the whole time, and i wanted to yell at him, but he worked quickly to get me my pass so i didn't bother.

i'd brought some leftover barbecue for lunch and started eating early, unbearably hungry after a dinner of mee krob (which isn't very filling). i finished off all the wings, leaving just a porkchop. then i decided to go running despite the windy cold weather (49 degrees). it was kind of unpleasant but i was hoping i'd warm up once i started going. little did i realize i'd be doing a lot of walking (cold!) since i kept on cramping up. i'd rub my bare arms and blow into my hands to stay warm. it was weird going by cheers after watching a weekend's worth of cheers marathon. i was happy to get back to the office (warm!), where i finished off my porkchop.

feeling a need for a snack, i went back out and got some dried prunes from aji ichiban. the women who work there seemed happy to have a customer, and even let me fill my own bag even though sometimes they do it for me. i went with my usual blend, about half of pound of sugar powdered prunes mixed with spicy ones. i then went to dunkin' donuts to get a coffee coolatta. why i wanted a cold drink on a cold day i couldn't tell you. i saw some people waiting for the chinatown bus and felt a tinge of superiority: chinatown to most of them is an alien place, but for me, it's like my second office when i'm not coding. it's only a matter of time before the gang of homeless people on the street corner will be greeting me by name. they already stopped asking for handouts because they see me so often.

i almost fell asleep on the train ride back home. i need several consecutive days of good night sleeping in order to get back to normal. i'm operating under a sleep deficit, and this weekend i did nothing to alleviate the problem, still sleeping late (sunrise) and waking up early. i was hoping the running and the coffee would wake me up, but i was still tired for most of the day.

julie made kebabs tonight, showed up with pre-marinated chicken she bought at the supermarket. after she cut up all the ingredients, we skewered them and threw them into the oven while julie made some wild rice to go with the kebabs. the whole thing was pretty quick to cook and we ate while watching some old game show, a barbecue ribs competition in memphis, then later the new season of queer eye, the one with the immature twins who express themselves through physical violence, completely undeserving of a makeover (you can transform the outside, but its the "inside" that really needs the most work, and that requires years of therapy and anger management). julie brought dessert as well, hoodsie ice cream swirls in a cup (m&m's were extra).