i woke up late this morning, 10am. my alarm didn't even go off, or maybe it did and i just didn't hear it. unless i had a time machine, there was no way i could make it to work on time (10am). i quickly got ready and left for the office.

i treated myself to a nice lunch today after a tough week. not that i had a lot to do, but just trying to find things to work on wore me out. i'm glad the week is finally over. so instead of going out and buying something and bringing it back to the office so i can eat it in front of my computer like i normally do, i went to the apollo grill and sushi restaurant and got myself the box lunch special. they sat me at the sushi bar because i came alone (i was the only one at the bar). it's $10.50, but totally worth it, no other box lunch in the greater boston area can compare to apollo. i ate my food while listening to the chinese sushi chefs talk about cheap food in china. the older master chef told the apprentice about how back in the days, you could eat a whole banquet for $10 (chinese or american money i don't know, but impressive either way). one thing that caught my attention was the mention of dog meat. after i paid my bill, i went back to the office, but not before getting a cup of bubble ice tea (i figured if i was truly treating myself, might as well go all the way).

after work i went to a few supermarkets in chinatown, looking for mongolian barbecue sauce. i couldn't find any, so i left and came home. after cashing in my work check, i cut through porter exchange, where i saw there was new security measures in place, they've brought back validated parking.

when i got home and went into the backyard to check on my vegetables. i didn't like what i saw. how am i going to explain to renata that the jade plant bonsai she gave me was eaten by a squirrel? because that's what happened. i knew about it since last night, when in the dark i saw something was wrong, but didn't have time to fully investigate. now in the daylight the carnage was clearly visible. not only was the bonsai dug up, but bits and pieces of the plant were scattered around the deck, like the squirrel had some sort of personal grudge, a hate crime. i also noticed that the moonflower seedling i saved from last week was dug up as well. in several of the pots there were also evidence that the squirrel was digging in the dirt, although none of those plants were hurt.

my parents came by for dinner, we ordered some pizza while watching the red sox game. they left soon afterwards. tonight's about relaxing, i have a few weblog entries i have to finish writing, but i'm going to leave them for another. i'm going to take a hot bath, watch some television, and get a good night's sleep.