a day of no particular importance, i didn't have very much to do because i'd finished all the projects, just waiting for them to ship out within the next few days. this morning i took a few hits from the nasal spray, nasacort AQ (triamcinolone acetonide). i didn't know what to do afterwards, let the fluids dribble around inside my nose or blow it out. i opted for the blowing solution, which in hindsight probably meant the drug didn't have enough time to work. later i read the instructions, it's more than just spraying the stuff into your nose, there are things you have to do beforehand (like blow your nose first), and you have to wait 15 minutes before you blow.

at the office, adam was off getting married while katrinka was at jury duty, so there was only a handful of people working. alex was still sick and kristine woke up at 5am in the morning to go running, so i went running by myself in the afternoon. it was cold (temperature in the 50's), but all i have to do is remember that i ran in shorts when the weather was in the 30's, so this was nothing. i was actually kind of surprised to see a fair number of sunbathers on the banks of the charles river. despite the cold wind, it was actually quite sunny, and as long as you stayed underneath the sun, it was warm. inspired by my doctor who runs 8-12 miles regularly, i pushed myself on my usual 3 miles loop. maybe because all i had to eat was a yogurt this morning, i didn't feel like i had the energy to keep going, and walked across the longfellow bridge to catch my breath. i indulged and ordered some smelly tofu for lunch when i got back to the office.

after work i went to the post office to buy some stamps before taking the train back home. first thing i did when i returned was to move all my plants back inside (after setting them all out this morning). 50 degrees is too cold for the plants, i was worried all day that they'd succumb to the cold and wilt to death (that didn't happen). then, i call at&t wireless and ask them if i was still under contract with them (no, i'm not), because i'm thinking about switching my carrier to cingular. the guy on the phone tried to trick me, was insistent that i only had 400 minutes when on my bill it says i have 700 minutes. "oh, you have you 700 minutes," he quickly corrected himself, when i read him my bill statement verbatim. the deal he wanted to cut me was another 100 minutes if i signed up with at&t wireless for another year. i told him i'd think about it, like think about switching to cingular.

once again i fell asleep watching the red sox game. once again the red sox lost. maybe that's why i can't keep awake, if the home team wasn't struggling so much and get some wins for a change, i wouldn't be dozing off. i woke up when my mother called me asking if i'd eaten dinner yet. "not yet, i got some canned soup," i said. so she made my father bring over some leftovers they had, fried rice and duck. i gave my father some of my vegetable plants, the habanero peppers and the tomatoes, they'll find better homes in belmont, in a nice southern facing backyard.

eva cassidy - "cheek to cheek"