coming into the office, i bumped into my old boss tom lix for the very first time since working on lincoln street while he was taking the elevator to go upstairs. "tony yang!" he said, "they told me you were working in the same building!" "tom lix!" i said while shaking his hand, before the elevator door closed. even though the deadline was monday, we were so far ahead of schedule, i wanted to shipped everything out so we wouldn't have to see it anymore. my coughing seemed to be getting worse, and i debated whether to make another appointment to go see my doctor. i had julie's leftover lamb meatballs for lunch, i shared some with the guys, they were a big hit.

later in the afternoon, alex and i went running in the 80 degrees spring temperature. coming back to the office, we passed the for eyes optical store. located on a street corner, the glass walls afford a clear view of the reception desk inside, where usually two cute bespectacled brunettes tend to the customers, and it goes without saying that i am in love with them. i often wonder if they get paid to wear glasses (even if they have perfect vision), knowing that some people have a soft spot for pretty myopic girls. on this late friday afternoon, there was only one girl, wearing a b&w striped shirt, whom i endearingly referred to as "the referee girl." she didn't have glasses on but could've been wearing contacts.

i went straight to star market to get some groceries after work. walking back home with two bags of food, i looked across the street and saw someone who looked familiar, b&w striped shirt, cute brunette... ah! it's the referee girl! she lives in my neighborhood! we looked at each other for a split second, and i could've sworn there was the glimmer of mutual recognition, although i'm not sure she remembers where she's seen me before. i was so excited by this chance encounter that i had to tell someone, so i called alex on his cell phone to let him know the news (he was on his way home to providence via commuter train).

highway view

fung wah bus
i was eating a pair of hot dogs and watching the start of the red sox game on television when john miller arrived at 7:30pm. prior to that, i had taken a shower, moved in my plants from the backyard, fed the fish, and threw everything i'd need for new york into two bags, including a change of clothes and my ibook. i quickly finished up my dinner before we left. john got some coffee from the dunkin' donuts in porter square. i put in the mix mp3 cd i'd made the night before. a 4 hour drive down to new york city awaited us. occasionally julie would call me on the cellphone to let me know the red sox score; they'd eventually win the game in glorious come-from-behind fashion. i was coughing the whole trip down, and it would've been worse were it not for the bag of cough drops. besides the coughing, my nose started to run as well.

by the time we got to brooklyn, it was close to midnight. we drove by a theatre and both decided we were too tired to try and go see van helsing tonight. instead, we went back to john's place, where deanna was gone for the weekend, attending to some bridal shower duties. john showed me his bootleg dvd copy of toy story, i couldn't believe the quality. i demonstrated computer to computer wireless networking. and finally, we entertained ourselves by reading the new york craiglist's casual encounters and missed connections until 3am. anyone know moneesa from queens village?