a very comely blonde woman wearing jeans and a pair of white high heels was on the train this morning, her legs crossed, casually flipping one heel like a metronome, reading the newspaper, attracting the attention of a hispanic man leering at her a few seats away, a smile on his face like he was watching his favorite television show. that was my morning.

i reached another level of conscienceness through coding today. not a single minute was wasted, i worked a full 10 hours to make sure we'd meet the deadline tomorrow morning. still, no matter how much i labored, the first things that always get pointed out are the few mistakes that get created throughout the course of saving the project. programmers don't always get the love, this isn't anything new to me. i just can't wait until tomorrow, when the thing goes out for testing.

alex and i stole an hour during the afternoon to go running. it was in the high 50's but sort of windy, although by the time we got to the charles river from park street we felt pretty warm already. alex was obsessed with finding weather data archives and creating a system where meteorologists are ranked according to their forecasting accuracy. not much wildlife, a cormorant in the river, that's about it. the run seemed like a dream, it went by so fast and effortlessly, by the time we finished, i could've done it again, i didn't feel tired at all. i had some more leftover lasagna when we returned to the office.

i left close to 8pm, the second to last person to leave (alex had left minutes before, and adam was staying a little bit longer). i hurried back home to catch the red sox game, when i checked the score before i left work it was still scoreless in the 3rd inning. i sat next to a woman on the train who couldn't stop moving around. turns out she had a girlfriend across the aisle, and for some reason they were quite amused with themselves and would dodge their heads amongst the sea of legs and crotches to whisper to one another and giggle about some secret. the woman next to me took out a digital camera and snapped a photo of her friend, the flash attracting the attention of everyone in the crowded cabin. she gave the camera to her friend, who took a photo of her in return, with me featured prominently in the background. i wallowed in my own thoughts and tried to ignore the annoyance.

i could not bear to eat anymore lasagna, so instead i heated up a french bread pizza and watched the rest of the baseball game, the red sox winning against the tampa bay. when was the last time the hometown team lost? i could get used to this.