i woke up at 7am to get to the office a few hours early to finish up some coding work. i was pretty out of it because i forgot to get off at south station and kept on riding the subway down to broadway. "where am i?" as i looked out the window and saw an unfamiliar station. i got off to catch the next inbound train. i don't remember ever visiting broadway before, the station has a quirky charm, the columns inlayed with large ceramic tiles designed by children.

when i got to the office there was a purse outside, its content dumped out on the floor. occasionally this happens since there's a restaurant/club next door and sometimes the patrons leave drunk and lose things. what was weird however were the things strewn about. however the previous owner of the bag was sure had a lot of pens, like she ransacked the supply closet. there was also an eyelash curler, a casino token, a membership brochure for bally's fitness gym, and a cup of starbucks coffee, suspiciously sitting right side up. i let the mystery be and went inside.

figuring i'd be the first person in the office, i had my keys out and was looking forward to a spirited brain teaser trying to solve the right combination of locks and keys in order to get the door open. however, the door was unlocked, as alex and katrinka were already in the office, dressed up for the client meeting at 10am. i went right into work mode. the bug that had plagued one of the interactives (playback stuttering issue related to either flash animation or audio) was fixed by adam last night, so all i had left was to add the sounds to another interactive and give everything one final polish and check.

came meeting time, everyone left except for james and me. it was like being left home alone with no adult supervision. we entertained the idea of installing a slip and slide but didn't do it. everyone came back soon afterwards, so it was back to business as usual. alex and i went running in the 55 degrees temperature. nothing interesting to report other than a lot of flowering trees were in bloom, particularly the dogwoods. when we got back, katrinka had left presents on our desks from her honeymoon vacation. i got a thick pencil in the shape of a frog from panama and a rum cake. there were also jelly candy decorated like sea creatures. i ate one of the turtles. i went out and got some salt and pepper pork ribs for lunch.

i left the office at 6pm, a tiring 10 hours of work. i was eager to get back home to watch the red sox yankees game. though only the first game of the season between these two bitter rivals, it watched like a playoff game, the outcome so important that it could shape the course for the rest of the season, all 150+ games still left until september. i had a pair of stouffer's deluxe french bread pizza while satisfyingly seeing the red sox score a victory over the evil empire. tomorrow game 2!

i made a pot of jasmine tea using the whistler glass teapot i got from alex, sweetened with 3 tablespoons of sugar. although i had it hot, i really rather prefer cold jasmine tea, so i left the pot out in the living room to cool.