for breakfast: 3 tablets of guo yi tang antitussive (180 mg each), 2 sudafed (30mg pseudoephedrine, nasal decongestant), hydrochlorothiazide (25mg, diuretic) /triamterene (37.5mg, antikaliuretic), atenolol (25mg, beta-blocker) and a centrum multivitamin. i also shaved, suddenly got sick of the goatee, a kinked up mess on my face overdue for removal. as soon as it came off though, i starting feel self-conscious, my face naked. it'll be back in place by next week.

katrinka returned to the office, back from her honeymoon cruise down to central america. she entertained us with stories, but i was most impressed by the fact that she saw a blue poison arrow dart frog. i'd love to see something like that! maybe i can take a week off and go back to costa rica, i hear tortuguero is ripe with them. john miller instant messaged me and broke the news that he'd just been laid off, effective in two weeks. he mentioned something about starting his own business, perhaps bringing back the ghost of screen house (any interested parties should get in touch with him).

the company treated us to pizza for lunch (i had three slices of sausage and onions), and afterwards i ran to cvs to get some cough drops when i ran out. another rainy miserable day, my shoes squeaked on the hardwood floors when i came back.

i left with adam around 7pm, the last two people to leave the office. we were researching potential prison pen pals after i suggested it'd be cool to visit convicts in jail just for kicks.

mike was home when i got back. i didn't have time to unwind because soon afterwards i was getting picked up to go to belmont to help my sister resolve some issues with her taxing software. the problem had something to do with setting the correct printer to default and manually updating the turbotax software from a patch downloaded from their website when the one-click update function failed to work properly. with that fixed, i had some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner that my mother made, then my sister gave me a ride back to cambridge. mike left soon afterwards, leaving me to my own devices.