late last night, while coughing in bed, i suddenly ran out of breath and ran to the bathroom, sensing something was wrong. i felt like i had something stuck in my throat and i was trying to "cough" it out over the sink. i gagged. and out came parts of last night's dinner. it's been a long time since i puked. i'm always fascinated by the mechanics and physics behind it. who knew the body can be temporarily converted into a vomit geyser? i fell to the floor, lightly hugging the toilet. i gagged. out came the rest of dinner. and wouldn't you know it, i stopped coughing. i think coughing got scared of what was happening and decided to hide - at least for a while. i cleaned up, brushed my teeth (i could still feel "it" in the back of my throat), and went back to bed. coughing. again.

today was my first day back at the work force after my week long recovery. i probably wasn't fully recovered, and if it was up to me i'd take the whole month off just to thoroughly work the kinks out of my system, but who can afford that kind of luxury in the face of a mounting workload? with a bag full of cough drops and a box of camomile tea, i headed off to boston.

it was surprisingly cold for some reason, probably the strong winds, and by the time i got to the office, it was snowing outside (just flurries, nothing stuck). speaking of the office, the handful of people that were at work friday took up the task of rearranging some of the furniture around. finally, since i started working at the company back in august of last year, i have a real desk! (rather than a folding table) and instead of sharing a cramped workspace with adam, we now each have our own personal space!

all day at the office i was hitting the teas and the cough drops. we had an abbreviated monday meeting before alex showed up at work. he was in washington over the weekend for katrinka's wedding, and came back with wedding videos (not "the" wedding video, rather, the videos he collected from the kiosk i made last week). for lunch i went out and got some salt & pepper pork ribs. a homeless man was hanging out in the restaurant asking everyone who came in or out for spare change. when he put out his oversized hand in front of my face, i shook my head without even looking at him.

after work i was supposed to go to a haiti presentation provided by partners in health, but i lost the address for the film/lecture and felt like going home anyway. the amount of daylight outside when i left the office was obscene, it felt wrong going home when it wasn't dark yet. i got off at harvard square and walked to lynn's house to return her books before going back home.

i wasn't very hungry and quickly fell asleep watching a baseball game on television. i woke up around 10pm when my father called and said he had some eggplant lasagna leftover he could bring over. once again, saved from having to make my own food! he left an hour later, and i spent the rest of the night coughing until my bedtime.

rob zombie - "never going to stop"