when you're delirious with influenza, it's probably not a good idea to watch some horror slasher movie (house of 1000 corpses) on cable before going to bed.

so when i went to sleep last night around midnight, my mind was filled with these horrible images of people getting cut up. i had some more crazy dreams, something about if i concentrate on one symptom long enough, it will go away. i woke up several times throughout the night, either to get something to drink or go use the bathroom, both painful objectives, my throat felt like it was being scratched by sandpaper with each swallow and i didn't enjoy walking to the bathroom in the cold house. at one point i woke up sweaty, the fever still trying to take control of my body. when i finally woke up around 10am, other than my sore throat, i felt fine. no body aches and the general sense of fatigue had pretty much disappeared. i watched some meet the press (richard clarke was on) then make some brunch, heated two chatsuo buns in the microwave. i noticed i was coughing more, not sure now if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it hurts everytime i do it because of the sore throat. if i didn't have to wake up tomorrow morning for an 8am eye exam, i'd call in sick. i'm probably well enough to work, but i can't be sure how contagious i am, and it's been a while since i had a sick day (a legitimate sick day, not a fake one where i run away and go to the beach or something).

most of the day i was leisurely filling in some blank weblog entries. in the afternoon i got dressed and went out to take a look at that $2.2 million dollar house for sale at the head of the my street. when i got there there was no "open house" sign so i figured they probably canceled it. while i was calling my mother to verify the time, i saw a couple with a daughter walk into the house, so i followed them in. i suppose when you have a $2.2 million dollar house for sale, you don't exactly advertise it in the conventional way. according to the specs, the actually living space is only 3000 square feet (the advertisement said 6660+, but that's the size of the lot). it's a nice house, everything new, shiny wooden floors, insulated windows, fireplace, state-of-the-art kitchen. i just can't imagine the kind of people who would live there. the couple that was there, i tried to imagine what kind of charmed life their daughter will live, going to the best private schools, get a car for a birthday present on her 16th birthday, no need to apply for financial aid when she goes to her ivy league school. and these couple, what do they do where they can make that kind of money to buy a house like that? while all their neighbors have relatively tiny several hundred square feet sized condominiums or apartments, here are these people with their big house living right next door. don't rich people need more insulation from the poor? so i'm going to wait and see what the final price on the house is going to be. just size alone it's worth a million, but if i had to guess, no higher than $1.5 million dollars.

in the evening my parents came over for dinner again. i thought we were ordering pizza but they brought over food to go along with the rice that they cooked at my place. i was careful not to expose them to my virus, using the other end of the chopsticks to pick up food and washing my hands everytime i coughed. they left around 9pm, where i then watched the sopranos followed by a taped alias. 2 mob slayings, 2 teenage girls did in a car accident, 2 shaved eyebrows, and one former mob guy going back to prison. i want to see more mob drama! this separation thread between tony and carmela is boring. i watch the sopranos for the mob style violence! elsewhere, on alias, just when you think vaugh and sydney are going to hook up again, some damn mom and daughter assassination team has to get in the way. the next new episode is in 2 weeks, which means i won't have to poor man tivo next week with my vcr.

it's off to bed. like i said, 8am eye appointment which means i have to be up by 7am.