street milk!

red lantern &

city view

conjunction over
mass ave.


did you see street milk this morning?
yes. it gets creepier and creepier.

how was work?
retrofitting adam's old drag & drop code, i think i'm already 60% done with the postcard game. i probably won't have all of tomorrow to spend on it though, since i'll be bug fixing some other projects.

did you go running?
45 degrees, cold in places, warm in others. it was fun running through the obstacle course of people gathering in downtown crossing during lunch. i flirted with achieving a running groove, got my stride on automatic as i did a quick loop around the charles river, my mind elsewhere. sweating, i took of my turtleneck when i got back to the office and cooled down wearing nothing more than my running shorts and an old tiny t-shirt that might not even be adult size.

what's for lunch?
gyro sandwich.

did you see the moon-venus conjunction?
after work i dropped by chinatown to pick up a few things and to take photos of the conjunction in the sky juxtapose with the red lanterns festooning the street lights. some chinese people behind me saw what i was doing and murmured in admiration at the potential composition. back at porter square, i took another photo of the conjunction above the same building i photographed last night. later in the evening, andrew called asking what was the "shiny star" next to the moon.

what's for dinner?
alex wong dropped by, we had some dumplings while watching a repeat of queer eye and the sopranos. he brought an industrial strength power strip (it's a yard long) and his old sony television, slightly broken, but he's had it for so long it has enough sentimental value that he can't bear to throw it away so instead he's going to leave it in my basement indefinitely when he moves to japan next month.

do you have an mp3 for me?
parappa the rappa - the bathroom rap