it's thursday, just one more day to go. my ordinary life needs something a little less ordinary. maybe it's that winter malaise finally setting in. i'm not depressed: being depressed means there's something wrong, and there's nothing wrong, yet at the same time there's nothing right. it just seems like day after day, same thing over and over again. at least when i was unemployed, every week would be different, i never knew what was in store. painting house one week, doing a spot of coding the next, every day an adventure. now, with the routine of a full-time job, i'm stuck in that cycle again, the 5 day work week followed by the weekend. barring any unforeseen circumstances, i know exactly what i'll be doing next week, next month, next year. what i yearn for is change, just something different. maybe i'll start taking a different route to work, just to mix it up a little bit, a dash of variety. i can feel my mind just turning to nothingness, not to mention my semblance of a life. solution? perhaps a vacation. perhaps something else.

speaking of vacation, my upstairs neighbor slipped a note through my mail slot, he'll be in italy until the end of this month. i envy his lifestyle. because of his job, he goes to london all the time, "oh, i just got back from england," he'd tell me casually. and during the off season he summers in martha's vineyard. he was still at home this morning when i left for work, i could hear him upstairs.

i got off at dtx so i could make a quick stop at cvs. i picked up a bag of jelly beans and another bottle of morning burst facial cleanser, to replace my defective one. cutting through chinatown, i noticed there was a larger than normal amount of travelers congregrating about this time of day. when i got to the office, i asked if anyone knew if it was spring break already. alex said he didn't think so because he hadn't seen anything on MTV, which is the usual prognosticator of said annual event.

i should get a gold star sticker for being such a deligent worker this week. once again i worked pretty much the entire day, only going out to get lunch at the chinatown cafe, salt & pepper pork ribs with rice. i'm 95% finished with the weather game and started the final round of bug fixes for the jellyfish game.

i left work a few minutes before 6pm, got home just in time to catch all of the nightly news at 6:30pm. an hour later alex wong came by with an armload of more cooking ware he's trying to get rid of. we made french bread pizza and watched pride fighting on pay-per-view. alex critiqued the fighting styles while i bounced on the couch swearing at the television over the onslaught of violence. we saw the return of former champion mark kerr, who made a real spectacle of his comeback when 40 seconds into his fight he tried to bodyslam his opponent and ended up knocking himself out cold. alex left after the daily show, and i started preparing for bed. i thought about returning the defective morning burst, especially after i took apart the dispenser last night and tried to fix it. but wouldn't you know it, i screwed the pump back into the bottle and it started working again.