an unfinished freelance project i've been working on since last summer has returned like a relapse of some unwanted and socially embarrassing disease. the client of the client finally came back with a small list of feedback. no real code fixes (that's a relief), mostly edits, but that still means i've got some work to do this evening. there's still a chunk of money contingent on a final delivery and i was only able to get paid in half after 3 months of mysterious silence only after i complained to them. so immediately after coming home, i was on the computer making the fixes and packaging up a delivery for ftp. i wasn't done until 10pm, then i typed up a resume for the filipino nurse taking care of my grandfather in taiwan. only then did i start making dinner, the old standby of campbell soup from a can (chicken noodles).

50 degrees and i went running again this afternoon, t-shirt and shorts. a mighty wind was blowing through boston which made for a cold run (wind chill 40 degrees). the first half i was running against the wind, and i almost gave up, it was pretty unpleasant. i couldn't pick up any speed and i had to run with my head down. coming back though, with the wind behind me, it felt like running downhill. there was more women than men on today's sojourn, not sure what that means (though no complaints from me).

during our monday staff meeting, when the news was announced that james and dana (two of our designers) were switching positions (full-time, part-time, i've worked 8 years and never seen this before), james received a call about the vets having to put his cat to sleep and left after the meeting. i'm not good with death. it's not that i don't care, it's just i never know what to say, and end up saying nothing.

after work i stopped off at the local cvs to get some products. i really wanted to get this new facial cleanser i saw advertised on television, this clean & clear soap with a "morning burst" scent that's supposed to wake you up (god knows i need all the help i can waking up in the mornings). i tried it as soon as i got home, and it smells pretty good (for some reason the fragrance makes me nostalgic for taiwanese stationary stores). is a straight guy supposed to get this excited about a cleanser? oh, and hand soap. this softsoap aromatherapy hand soap is the best. i saw it also comes in a body wash but i'm not a body wash kind of guy (a bar of soap is all i need), but the smell is so intoxicating i'm tempted to buy it. i hope it doesn't make me smell like a hippy lesbian though. having your hands smell of lavender and patchouli is one thing, but all over?

herbal mint
crest toothpaste

clean & clear
morning burst
cleanser with
bursting beads

hand soap
& patchouli)