ah, another weekend comes to a close. i just finished watching a double dosage of the sopranos followed by alias (on tape). sopranos: i don't know how i feel about the show. anyone who's just now getting into it, i'd tell them don't bother. it's still interesting, but only because i know the characters, it's like an acquired taste comfort food. no doctor melfi in this episode, adriana nearly cracks to the mob wives about being an FBI informant (i thought she was going to puke again) although she does misuse her FBI contacts to rat out a girlfriend of hers who's been flirting with christopher (that big-lipped girl from 24, the perennial moll), steve buscemi as newly-released-from-prison cousin tony trying to go legit as a licensed massage therapist is a hoot (especially the scene where he's giving those mobsters free massages in the bada bing office), and do you honestly believe there wouldn't be at least one death at the end of tonight's episode? fuggedaboutit! alias: i forgot to tape the first 8 minutes of the show! what happened, an explosion in belfast? it was a good episode though, lots of plot twists, shades of the mission impossible movie (the first one, de palma directed) and speed (if this planes flies below 18,000 feet, we're all dead!). and did they capture sark's again? only to have him escape in the next episode?

i plunged headfirst into sleep last night and didn't wake up until almost noontime. i got dressed and went across the street to get some groceries, i had a hankering for banana milk for some reason, half a cup of milk followed by a banana and several scoops of vanilla ice cream makes said elixir. it was also a big day for cleaning out the fridge, i threw out some old ice cream from the freezer (so old that it had rubberized), and ate some toaster oven wings (which left me feeling queasy for the rest of the day, i'm going to learn from that mistake boyo).

because i didn't run on friday (because of that freak weather), i made up for it today. i heard that sunday would be a nice weather kind of day (warmer than yesterday at least), and i didn't really bother to check the temperature before i went out in my shorts and turtleneck. later i discovered that with the wind chill it was 32 degrees. it wasn't cold when i ran but when i wasn't, it was uncomfortable. i did see a few other people running with shorts, all guys, must be a macho thing. walking back from the charles river an old woman walking her dog said to me, "you think it's spring, i think it's winter." i smiled and revealed to her that i was in fact cold. i got back home and took a hot shower.

i had grabbed the latest copy of the rosenoff report from the realtor office. the place was empty last week, but this sunday it was super busy, the house hunting season has started apparently. browsing through the listening, i saw one for a nearly 3000 square feet first floor condo with two parking spots right behind my place. the asking price: $1.6 million. that's insane. that's not even for a house, it's only for a condo. for that money, you can easily buy a really nice place in the suburb.

i went to my parents' place for dinner, we had chili, some of which i brought back for lunch tomorrow. my father proudly showed me the dvd he had burned, we played it on the computer, then on a dvd player, it works flawlessly. i agreed to help them type up the resume of a filipino woman taking care of my grandfather at the old age home in taiwan. i left with three sheets of handwritten information, waiting to be transcribed.

back at my place, my roommate and his girlfriend were at home, watching some television then working on some papers. i had the living room, they had the kitchen. they left after midnight, allowing me the freedom to walk around the house in my underwear, bringing this sunday to a proper conclusion.

finally, something to think about: "why they had to crush aristide" by peter hallward, the guardian 3/2/04